Last longer. Any food?


Is there a type of food or drink that makes a guy last longer in bed?

Tibor's reply:

Oysters assist to increase sexual appetite due to high zinc content.
It is the best to plan for good sex in advance.

You would eat oysters e.g. the night before planning to have sex the following morning.

To last longer you need much more then that. If you don't want to go into weeks and months of pelvic exercises -

then you need a good quality supplement such as Maxidus (Libidus) (opens new window)
taken 2 - 3 hours prior sexual activity. It will make a difference.

If you are in your forties it may be desirable to add 1/4 to 1/3 of Viagra.
(This is to be prescribed by your medical practitioner).

The above will give you extra libido and endurance; and it will make you last longer, have better sex while recovering much faster.

The effects of Maxidus usually last for two days. It is a great product for women as well. It dramatically improves libido for both sexes. There are very few products available which actually do this.
In fact you may purchase 99.999999 percent (and this would be a highly optimistic number) of all internets products just to see they do nothing. A complete waste of money.

There are no foods or drinks which would make any noticeable difference to last longer in bed.
Eating and drinking unhealthy will result in poor health which will sooner or later translate into worse sex life.

In long term it is important to eat healthy.

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