The Law of Weight Loss

The law of weight loss is simple - we have to give out more energy than we take in. It sounds so easy. It is not. We don’t want to be hungry!

If we think about it, in theory, it should be enough to increase our energy so we burn more calories. That could happen by means of exercise.

Unfortunately various studies indicate this would be not a very effective way of losing weight.

Let's see what will happen:

Diet Group
Exercise Group
Average Weight / FAT Loss
8.4kg (18.5 lbs) / 5%
5.5kg (12.1 lbs)/ 6%
6kg (13.2 lbs) / 0%
3kg (6.6 lbs) / 2 %

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Results from further studies:

Women - in order to succeed in decreasing weight in addition to an exercise they cut their 'portion' by five to ten meals a week. With exercise alone there was no significant weight reduction.

Men - It was sufficient for men to exercise only. The possible explanation is that men burn more calories while exercising.

Outcome - we don't need to keep a strict diet in order to get slimmer.

To achieve that it is sufficient to skip one fat or one sweet meal a day.

Or, we can reduce the portions instead. That is all what it takes.

Research shows this way we can decrease our daily intake of calories which equals approximately half an hour of an intensive work-out on a treadmill.

It is again important we take a balanced approach. With losing weight we may lose both fat and lean mass. With less lean mass we have less energy and we also burn fewer calories.

If we reduce our food intake a little and we add a little exercise we are on the right track. Eat few portions less and exercise a little more.

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