To have great sex we need more than just good erection. We need to increase male libido so we have a great desire with it. Here we will discuss how to feel ‘young again’. Have powerful ejaculations. That equals great orgasm – of course!

If you entered this page directly, I recommend you to start with article about Male Erection first.

On a previous page we worked out how to achieve good erections. Desire to make love by itself is not sufficient. Once we eliminated erection problems we may continue.

We need both. To increase male libido we need either Tongkat Ali or Yohimbe.

In order to have strong sexual desire there is a need to build up our free testosterone levels. Believe me, there is more than just to research about it.

I could go scientific and feed you with tons of pages about the subject. Even though I read through so many - it did not help. It will not help you either.

Even if you read all those scientific studies, articles and research – it will get you nowhere.

Let’s skip it and get to results.

One of the few natural products (if there are any other) is definitely Tongkat Ali. If taken for a while it will increase your desire to the point you will feel over aggressive.

In bedroom it equals a quest. You want to make love – and you must get it!

If you think about young age, wild sex and desire; it is all connected with testosterone. It is a hormone which makes males what they are – aggressive and sex oriented.

Testosterone is the driving force behind it. Once it declines so does the libido, muscle growth, sex drive... name it. Low libido is the least desirable plague in our love affairs. Once we manage to increase it we are back in game.

Unless you want to get injections, steroids, patches and whatever is available – your chances are very low. Not mentioning some are illegal and some just too expensive.

Tongat Ali makes you ‘wild’ again. I truly recommend it. It is not easy to find a good source.

Sumatra Pasak Bumi (opens new window) is one of the places where you can get a good quality Tonkgat Ali.

It will give you a headache to make a decision. If you decide to use it. Why? To use it in a powder (extract form) is the cheapest option.

Also you need to find a way how you use it. It is so bitter. I use 1:200 extract and I drink it instead of tea (or coffee). It does not mean you will be able to do it as well. It tastes horrible.

I’ve learned to ‘close my senses’ and just to ignore it. I like little chocolate or biscuits with it.

You may try it in a pill form. This is more expensive and some countries do not allow you to import it. In a powder form, to my knowledge, there are no problems with customs.

Now we have everything what we need to know. There is one more thing left – how to use these products to our best advantage. Quantities and timing. For an ideal sex; or; shall I say ‘super sex’? You tell me...

That all will be described in Great Sex


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