Love Relationship

To understand love relationship we have to consider many different personalities and cultures. Only I know what I want and love. Only you know what you want and what you love.


Let’s briefly touch the subject of ‘Love Relationship’.

Definition of ‘love’ from psychology point of view is – and it always was - unclear. We are simply not able to define what love exactly is. However, it is a little easier if it comes to describing what it does.

What is keeping couples together? No matter which research we will look into – the answer will be always same. The true relationship starts with love. So it is only logical when we are referring to it we mean ‘Love Relationship’.

There are many kinds of love – romantic, friendly or we may love religion, food, country, animals...

By relationship we mean bonding of two people who love each other. It is felt by erotic desire and lust on a physical level. On the emotional level it is affection and care about each other.

By two people falling in love with each other we assume there is a sexual attraction between them. Hormones, pheromones and physical appearance these all play an important role in natural selection.

As each culture has a different definition of love let’s focus on these pages and forums on real life situations. Let’s seek answers. Not formulae’s.

(I’m leaving out materialistic part of it – such as security. We talk about love here. Security belongs to ‘money making opportunities).


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