Love Stickers

How to surprise your loved one with love stickers? How to get her/him? To be your friend and/or lover? You are the best to make that decision.  But how to do it without the least risk involved?

And that is a million dollar question. Again, we can get around it. Though not simple but everything is possible.

So perhaps you will give her/him a small present in a form of a sticker. That is including her/his name. And, of course, with no further comments. In that way there is only a ‘giving situation’ involved without words. Everybody loves their names to be shown and used.

And virtually no one can be offended by this gesture.

What can be love stickers used for once you give it away?

Perhaps to put it on the mobile phone; or its cover. And it can be done by putting it actually on any object. But the most important part is to ‘break that ice’. To give the second party a reason to start conversation which could end up in a trip of a lifetime. At the end there will be a link where for a few dollars anyone can do exactly just like that. Nothing in this life comes to us easily unless we are struck by an extreme luck. It can happen. But why not to help it to happen?

Imagine you would receive that ‘gesture’ from someone. Would you feel offended without words such as ‘let’s get together tonight’? That could sound offensive in most situations. But in case you like that person it opens up next possibility – an invitation or suggestion to an action.

And that sounds more than promising.

Everybody likes their names. So instead of just saying it you might give her/him a sticker under the nose with her/his name on it. And if you avoid saying a word unless asked, you should be on a very safe side.

How to achieve that? You must have a sticker with a name on it, first.  Some reputable companies can do it for you in a very cheap way. Look it up and you decide. I will give you an example of one here.

So that is one of the ways how to surprise your love. Maybe you know better. There is one more thing…

Click on the ‘details’ to have more selection of names. I wish you happy browsing and lots of love.

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