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High level of bad cholesterol (LDL) is normally treaded with medications. Low cholesterol without pills? What if you try to change your lifestyle, instead?

We have two types of cholesterol. Good (HDL) and bad (LDL). About the bad one we've been warned it causes all sorts of trouble -- the worst ones are the cardiovascular diseases and the arterioscleroses.

The following are some hints how to tackle cholesterol:

Our body needs fatty foods

If we listened to media and research results thoroughly I recon we would not eat and drink at all... Remember the times we were fed information the fat causes high levels of cholesterol? Many of us panicked and stopped eating anything what had a sign of fat in it.

What a mistake!

Then science come up with an explanation there were good and bad fats. Eskimos live on fat. And they don't know the word -- 'heart attack'. On Island Kreta they live on eggs. And without heart attacks as well.

Lesson for us? Eat foods with unsaturated fat. Fish, nuts and use vegetable oils. And - use common sense. There is no guarantee science will not change their mind in future. Till then low cholesterol is probably the answer.

Citrus Fruit

These lower cholesterol due to high content of vitamin C and they are great source of fibre. However, be careful if you are using medications for lowering your cholesterol. The combination of citrus fruit with some of these medications is not recommended.


Try apples. Also oat flakes.


No need to buy them! As long as you have fruit and veggies in your diet. Green tea is a great. Our aim is to have low cholesterol without spending extra cash.

A note on green tea - I was used to black tea and white sugar. Later, because I wanted to stay healthy, I switched to brown sugar. First, it tasted - simply 'no good'. Same happened when I switched to green tea. However, only for a very short time - days only - then I got used to it. The moral of this is clear - You need only a few days to 'suffer' any change. But the long term benefits are far more important.

And we can continue - white bread via wholemeal bread...


You don't need to attend Olympic Games. Bit of walking, yoga is great. Exercise is the best medication. Of course, you adjust it to suite your abilities. If you have a medical condition always consult your doctor prior making changes.

It is not wise to go on 'Low Fat Diet'. Human body requires unsaturated fats for production of amino acids. Fat is not a problem. There is only one problem - what sort of fat you consume. And that is very different.

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You may discover you might don't need medication to have low cholesterol leves.

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