Male Erection

To improve male erection is possible with only very few products available to us. Which herbs will give you erections and boost your libido?

There are hundreds of supplements which won’t do a thing. I know it. You know it. I bought many. As to the results - my penis was not any happier than yours.

Our goal is - to have good erections again! When? We can’t wait for weeks for it to happen! Now!

What will you find on this page? (Only very few products. Why? Because there are only a few which do work)

    • Natural product aiding good erection and desire, increases sensitivity of all body.

    • Another natural product aiding good erection and desire (increases libido).

    • Viagra – everybody knows this one (to further improve erection when used in combination with above.

    • The last of the natural products to increase libido, sex drive in general, strength of ejaculation and orgasm.

I don’t want to advise you how to get good erection only. I want you to have as perfect sexual experience as possible. That requires increase in free testosterone levels.

Taking Viagra will not achieve that.

We all are aware of likelihood of male erection problems happening sometimes during our lives.

It may be temporarily and it can strike us at any point of time. Further, it may worsen as we age.

When I was younger I would never bother reading a single sentence on the subject. Male erection problem was to me a ‘science fiction’ – something ‘out there’...

To continue, though...

SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE before considering using products which may affect your health.

Though products here are generally herbs and considered safe, in certain combinations they may cause unwanted effects. As each person has different health conditions it is your responsibility to check with your medical practitioner. Read carefully manufacturers recommendations which each product.

Before I forget, always consider ‘libido’ as well, please. Even a rock hard erection by itself can mean a world of boredom if you don’t have that ‘desire’. As each body responds differently you need to experiment a little and make adjustments accordingly.

Supplements being offered to us are pretty much (the correct word is ‘completely’) useless. I mean for male erection. They might keep you from getting cold. (Which supplement made you hard? If any, I would like to know, please...)

Unfortunately your penis doesn’t care about getting ‘cold resistant’. If you want to get his attention he needs different ‘stuff’.

In nature there is very limited choice available (known to mankind – we might still will discover new ones).

Taking Ginseng, Damiana, Saw Palmeto and dozens of other herbs offered to us equals to eating sand on a beach from the perspective of our fellow penis. It does next to nothing to aid male erection.

There are only few herbs which will make a difference.

You might expected me to talk about male erection problems as such. I prefer to talk about 'fixing' the problem. But if you have nothing to improve on and you like to read you might look at definition of male erection problems in Erectile Dysfunction (opens new window)

I will start with the one which works but at the same time I recommend you to avoid it. Or, if you decide to use it exercise great caution. This one is the most known of all.

Yohimbine. (This works. But I use it only occasionally). It is extracted from the bark of an African (Yohimbe) tree (Corynathe Yohimbe). The strength of the extract varies greatly. That is one of the reasons why it is very unpredictable.

Pharmaceutical products guarantee the extract to be of uniform quality. However, some countries prohibit the sale of this product. The others require prescription. The reasons are that it may cause accelerated heart beat, irregular heart beat and more.

The recommended dosage is usually 5-10mg of the extract. Exercise caution as some companies list their ingredients in such a way you need to recalculate the actual strength.

This product also increases stamina and general performance, concentration and more. I will add more information at a later stage. Yohimbine improves both male erection and libido.

It should not be mixed with caffeine. (Or products which contain caffeine – coffee, tea, Coca-cola, etc...) It is advised to be taken at earlier hours of the day as it will keep you awake.

What does it do? It not only aids the erection. It heightens the sensitivity. Makes you to desire. It is not just a simple ‘plumbing device’ such as Viagra.

Taken regularly it loses effect. Your body gets used to it. Do not take it on a daily bases. This product gives you real ‘tingles’.

The second (and I must say the last) natural product I can recommend comes from a tree as well. From the roots of the tree called Tongkat Ali (name in Indonesia) or Pasak Bumi (in Malaysia). There is no other natural product which would move your penis. Only perhaps to tears...

It has to be taken for a little while before it kicks in. Tongkat Ali (in translation – ‘walking stick’) provides you not only with erections. It increases libido.

It is to an extent you’ll behave more aggressive as a result of increased testosterone levels. Be very careful where you buy these products. There are many supplements on the market which do not provide the required strength.

Unless you want constantly make your own calculations it is not worth to even think about many sources of supplies. You will end up with getting useless weak root powder.

As you need 30-50 grams equivalent of root powder – this cannot be packed into a 300mg tablet! Unless it is a true extract (1:50; 1:100; seldom 1:200) and from a reputable supplier.

Some suppliers put in their product 50mg of root powder (That is thousand times less what you need). It will do nothing.

Great News!

There is one product based on Tongkat Ali which works immediately (in less than an hour)

I have no idea how they do it. And I tell you I don’t care what is in the blend. (I can’t believe it is completely natural. But I don’t want to question it. It keeps me happy. I don’t care if it contains even plutonium). This is the number one product of my choice - my favourite!

It is great for male erection and libido at the same time. The recommended dosage is two pills. I personally never used two. It reminds me I should try one day...

The product which has changed my life is called -- had been removed because it contained banned ingredients... So much for it. In the meantime we go for


You don’t believe me - that’s fine. I will have several more million females available for myself.

Though it has Tongkat Ali in it I use an additional Tongkat Ali for some additional benefits. I explain my reasons for it more in Libido

(Tongkat Ali has a horrible taste (bitter-bitter-most bitter substance) unless you get it in pills. I drink it as coffee or tea with biscuits)

I’m not here to solicit... I bought enough of it in my life. There are similar claims on many other products on internet. Waste of money.

An important note:

If you want to have sure erection I recommend you to use Viagra in combination with above. (We are aiming for ‘great sex’. Not just any sex. An ultimate conquest in bedroom!) I don’t need to tell you where to get this one as I’m not here in business to sell Viagra, Cialis or name it...


Viagra is the most reliable pharmaceutical product to do the job. It will provide a sure hard erection. Especially if you have a new partner it is wise to prevent any possible failure. It is here for us to fix’ the plumbing’.

Viagra will do absolutely nothing to enhance your feeling, desire or libido. It is designed to achieve male erection.

You might read newspapers while having sex – it is exactly same.

I don’t want to read or watch TV while having sex!

Taken together with Maxidus it will provide you a rock hard penis with a wild desire at the same time.

If you respect your medical conditions, consult your doctor (to be safe), you might have an occasional yohimbe as well. You can find sources of Yohimbe here (opens new window)

Before you go for the mind blowing sexual experience – there is more...

- We want strong ejaculation.

It is still Tongkat Ali which will do it for you. It requires more detailed explanations, though.It is a great product for both male erection and great libido. We split the page and we’ll go to get the full picture in Libido

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