Marriage Without Sex

A marriage without sex? Do you think marriage can be happy without fulfilling your obligations?

Let's hear what others have to say about it.

Some married couples live together like friends or siblings. According to experts about five percent never sleep together while a whooping 15-20 percent of couples sleep together less than ten times a year!


Be sure media and everyone else is quiet on the subject.


What are the main reasons?

Frequently it happens due to health problems. Surgeries are perfect example. Let's take an example.

A woman in her thirties had few years ago ectopic pregnancy. Since then she made love to her husband only once without any satisfaction to her.

She is a very pretty woman, her husband in his early forties says. Luckily I am too tired after work and I do not really mind not having sex. But I hope this will change in future.


But it is not that simple 

Couple living together without sex  will eventually stop see each other as sexual objects. A married  couple who had no sex for over eight years in spite they see each other often naked, just conform this.

It is not simple to have sex after that much time, it would remind me trying it between sister and brother. Something unheard of.

And we ended up like this due to his surgery.


What about stress? 

Too much work is also undesirable when it comes to sexual life. After long hours once we went for a trip I spent most of the time sleeping says the husband.


After having babies it becomes especially difficult. Women have not enough sleep. It is not easy to time sex in between babies sleep.

Higher levels of prolactin (due to lactation) will decrease most appetite for sex.


On top of it decreased level of oestrogen will decrease lubrication.


If  both partners require less sex everything seems to be just fine. However when one needs it too often and the other one not it may lead to numerous problems the most common being unfaithful behaviour. Some men pay prostitutes to avoid possible marital issues.

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