It is a good rule to plan to have a massage at least once in a month. Can we get it for free?

Though nothing is free you can have one while you do not need to pay for it. There are ways how to combat the problem of cost (expenses). The following is one of the ways how to make it happen:

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    • E.g. attend a course
    • Than simply swap – exchange it.
    Note: you may also exchange it for other services (e.g. Reiki or Tarot reading, Yoga classes, etc...)

There are endless courses available. At first, many look prohibitively expensive. Are they? Let’s examine it closely.

The following figures will be very different in other parts of the world.But it will give you an idea.

Let’s say the cost of the course is $ 1,000 and it lasts for 3 days.These courses are usually full on. Wake up 6 am, go to bed midnight.While learning, you will be giving and receiving it at the same time. If you have 8 hours of daily massage (and believe me at the right place you will have even more); it means you will receive 4 hours of it every single day.

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That is 12 hours in three days.

In Australia the average cost is $60-70 an hour (at the time of writing).

You had just received 12x60=$ 720 worth of pampering. If you use $ 70 hourly rate this becomes $ 840.00.You paid for the course $ 1000. But at the same time you had received massages valued at almost the same value.And you cannot imagine how you feel after these three days.

That is not all. Sometimes you get lucky and receive ‘two on one’. It means two persons will pamper you at the same time.

This happened to me frequently on Ka-Huna (Hawaiian) course in Queensland, Australia. (opens new window)

There were times five (5) women were massaging me simultaneously in the rhythm of music. Now if you can close your eyes and imagine this... Add scents and tens of candles in a room... Can you? – I doubt. It is impossible.

It is easy to befriend someone on one of these courses and exchange it on regular bases. While doing exchange it is a good practice not to swap with your partner after you’ve just finished (the same day).

It is a great way to look after your body and health. At the same time you practice on regular bases. You might want to take it further setting up your own business. There is no limit to what you can achieve.

It is great for pregnant women as well. It will be soon described here in greater detail. Be it Ka-Huna; or; reflexology. And a special page on breast massage dedicated to women with breast implants. I had asked my friend, director of Mette’s Institute to kindly contribute here with her knowledge.

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