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Men dating women online have many advantages. The chances to find the ‘right one’ are much higher.

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Due to great interest we had included a program how to pick up a perfect girl (opens new window)

In each corner of our planet there is an ‘unwritten code’ what you can get in terms of a woman. In some countries five years age difference is acceptable. Anything beyond may be considered odd. The purpose of men dating women online is simple - we generally seek younger women.

In most developed countries you will have a little chance dating or marrying 10 - 20 years younger woman. Women here are independent and they don’t need you or me.

In reality they prefer men closer to their age. Of course, there are exceptions. Women are mysterious in many ways.

Men dating women should consider several factors. If we want to have much younger woman, let’s say 10 years, this is much easier to achieve if she is from Asia (e.g. China). If we switch our focus to Philippines this may become 15 years.

Again, depending on your physiques and health this can be stretched by an additional 5 years or so. If you are healthy, vigorous, and intelligent and of good character you should be able to earn love of a women 15 – 20 years younger.

There are always exceptions. This is from my experience. 'Men dating woman' is an art in a way. Regardless if it is off or online. 'Men dating women' should be a good guide to achieve your goal.

It is not advisable to get into marriages without thinking twice when it comes to a large age difference.This is especially true while men dating women on internet.

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If you bring yourself a bride from eastern part of the world (Russia, Ukraine, etc) and if she is more than 10 years younger there is a very high probability the marriage would last for few years only.

Women there are intelligent and educated. And some of them as pretty as models on a catwalk. They are a worthwhile ‘catch’. On top of it most of them are family oriented and make good wives.

(OK – I’ll do it..!!! Oh! Can’t believe it... The following site has a real good value selection from this part of the world. I found it complicated with membership – required to buy additional – I call it ‘things’.

I don’t like studying ‘Terms and Conditions’ – I’m a lover of simple (FAST) solutions.

However, the quality and beauty of women on this site is worth it. If you want a beauty and you are more patient than me – go for it. Visit Heavenly Hearts (opens new window) I would not attempt for more than 13 years younger, though.

When it comes to men dating women in Asia again most are family oriented. Education level will vary greatly among countries. Working city girls will have different attitudes from those who live in harsh conditions with very little food.

To be fair (to other countries) – Asian Euro (opens new window) is great if you are looking for Asian women. It provides with great value for the membership.

You need to exercise caution in certain countries. If a woman asks for money – delete – go on. That’s my advice. You never know who she is unless you know her in person.

If you have intentions of dating much younger woman I recommend you to read through these pages on Male Erection how to enhance your sexual powers.

I tell you a funny story. From my personal experience. May I? Don’t laugh, please! Example of 'men dating women' online.

After I divorced I decided to have a beautiful young woman (wife... whatever). I would have no chance here in Australia dating similar looking woman of that age.

As the concept of men dating women online works fine with me I dated women as much as 26 years younger (and, of course, beautiful). I spent some time with them on overseas holidays. In China - she was 15 years younger. In Indonesia she was 20 years younger.

I also dated here in Australia 17 years old younger Asian woman. Those who were 15-17 years younger from me they could not keep up with me. And I mean just daily activities by that.

Why am I writing about this? It is not about bragging. I don’t worry about it. It is to give you a picture what to expect – you should be able to match your partner intellectually, sexually and in everyday activities. If you can manage this – you are a winner. It is not enough to read only about men dating women.

You already have one great advantage. You are more experienced. If you in addition enhance your sexual powers you are winning.

Now comes the funny part. You will not believe me!

After all of this ‘hard’ and long searching exercise I ‘locked’ on one woman – she is only 2 years younger than me! (you promised not to laugh... – smile)

What happened?

She has put a spell upon me. I met her through friends while she visited Australia. If I combined all women I ever had in my life – this woman outperforms all of them!

She is from Brazil. She is the most affectionate and loving ‘creature’ you can imagine. With an endless source of energy.

This is how I ended my journey for a conquest for a young princess. I was simply swept off my feet. I had never experienced (received) so much love ever. It is known Latin American women are hot. I didn’t realize this much...

The purpose of 'men dating women' on line is to find true happiness. To widen our horizons.

The following is great for Latin America (opens new window) However you will find most of women speak very little or no English.

I felt my brain needed some exercise so I started to learn Spanish from tapes while driving. It was not bad – one channel was in Spanish the other in English. As I drive 60 -70 minutes daily it gave me 5-6 hours of learning!

Note: Due to my woman from Sao Paolo I switched to Brazilian Portuguese instead. First I bought a book with CD – it was horrible. I found Portuguese much more difficult than Spanish. Oh!!!

After hesitation I got hold of Pimsleurs (Brazilian) Portuguese. Why hesitation? – yeah – because there is almost non-existent written material with it.

To cut the story short – it is a winner. Again I can say one of the things I won’t regret. Much better than Spanish tapes I had before. Why? This course makes me think and talk continuously. (I even become a better – more patient driver!)

It is now – hm... – wait, please... 3 – 4 month since I started and I can speak on a phone in Portuguese!!!! And quite confident!
Very happy! (I’ll go through two lessons in 5 days, weekends off)

I look it up... Portuguese (Brazilian) I: Learn to Speak and Understand Portuguese with Pimsleur Language Programs, 2nd Revised Edition (opens new window)

It is not cheap but it changed my life. I can communicate in other language in a very short period of time. How much would I pay for attending any language course? How much time it would cost me? This way I’m using my ‘driving time’.


Online there are much greater opportunities finding a woman.

In some countries men dating women may prove not as easy (safe) from travel point of view. But here you have actually a better choice of younger women (less competition)(e.g. Philippines).

Once the woman lives in your country she will adjust after several years. If it was acceptable in Philippines to have a husband 30 years older, she will see her life in a different light once she is living elsewhere.

We cannot predict our future (In ordinary life – not talking metaphysics here – smile). More kind you are, smart, intelligent and with great physiques better the chances are she will love you and stay with you.

Men dating women is not about one thing though - I’ve seen tourists coming to some of these less fortunate countries acting like they would own them. Thinking money can buy everything - it is ‘so ugly’! I felt sorry and disguised with them. How do you think women felt about men like that?

With kindness and good personality you can do more than you imagine.

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