Men Taking Estrogen

Men taking estrogen can be tolerated in only very few cases. Such as being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Those having very high testosterone levels can benefit with a bit of extra estrogen by making them less aggressive. It also protects against Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia.

Otherwise think of it as a very important female hormone. In large quantities it has many undesirable effects on men. Except lowering libido, it causes physical changes such as enlarged breasts. In general the figure will become more feminine with extra curves and men will also experience changes in hair pattern.

In acute cases such as prostate cancer estrogen therapy is required. It outweighs the unwanted effects. To have larger breasts and no sex drive is better than having cancer.

However, men frequently increase their estrogen levels without knowing it.
These are the most important reasons of doing so:

Chronic alcoholism and (or) liver disease is one of them.

Foods high in estrogen such as soy products have similar effect. While for women these are perfectly healthy I would not advocate using soy products for men in larger quantities unless they want to decrease their libido and enlarge their breasts.

Obesity is next.

There is no excuse for men taking estrogen unless it is due to serious medical condition and on advice of a medical practitioner.
This is one of the hormones which are great for women. We will discuss this in female sexuality section.

Men have much less estrogen than women, derived mainly from testosterone and DHEA conversion in prostate and fat cells.

To keep sexually active and healthy, men should avoid alcohol and soy products in larger quantities. It is imperative to mention the importance of being slim – athletic, keeping the fat in check.

We call it simply healthy life style. But you can read and hear about this on a daily bases. So simple to write about it. To implement it we need certain will power. It requires lot of incentive to eat healthy and exercise; such as having good libido.

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