Mens Sexual Health


Mens Sexual health and how to eliminate impotence problems and keep our sex life and libido in top condition.

Main causes of erection problems and a lack of strong orgasm is a long term exposure to any of the following:

    • Smoking
    • Coffee (caffeine) --- we will learn how to de-caffeinate
    • Alcohol

Enhance further your sexual life with:

    • Good diet
    • Trick in a shower
    • Exercise
    • Penile exercises
    • Regular sex (good partner is recommended)

Let’s see why.

Smoking via Mens Sexual Health

Nicotine acts as a strong vasoconstrictor plus interferes with many bodily functions (e.g. semen production). It is our worst enemy for erectile dysfunction. The penis’s tiny blood vessels will be damaged. It translates into simple words – no blood supply available to this pressures part of our manhood! That equals to no or poor erections. Sure, it won’t happen overnight. Our body can take tremendous punishment.

Coffee, tea (This is your call --- coffee, tea or chocolate may be a pleasant experience. You have to choose between culinary or sexual pleasure, though). If you are aiming for top marks in 'Mens Sexual Health' department, caffeine is off limits.

Caffeine as well is a vasoconstrictor. It does exactly the opposite what Viagra does. It does not make a good combination with some sexual enhancing supplements (e.g. Yohimbine).

To avoid caffeine it is not enough to stop drinking just coffee. And it is not only Coca Cola you have to watch out for. Many soft drinks are loaded with it – even orange drinks!

Tea is not any different – even if it is a ‘green’ tea. Only herbal teas do not contain theobromine (e.g. peppermint or chamomile tea).

You can de-caffeinate your coffee or tea. It is simple. No science required. Let’s say you want to prepare green tea (or coffee)... This is the only thing you need to do any different -pour boiling water over it and strain after 30 seconds to 1 minute - discard the liquid. (Longer you leave it more caffeine you will get rid of).

Then top up with boiling water again as you would regularly do.

What happens is – caffeine is the first compound to ‘solve’ (extract) in a solution. You can discard more than 90-95% of caffeine this way.

The ‘essence’ of it --- antioxidants and the majority of chemical compounds will remain in the decoction.

Coffee can be a welcomed stimulant in a way. It smells nice. It refreshes. It stimulates. It is usually the most important ‘asset’ when meeting with a woman for the first time – ‘let’s go for coffee!’ There is some research indicating it may actually support female sexual desire.

For Mens Sexual Health caffeine is an enemy.


Again as innocent as it seems it does more damage than anyone would realize.

Why innocent? Alcohol, in small amount relaxes muscles, it acts like a vasodilator. However, it has unseen, long term consequences. After prolonged use it damages nerves. This in turn dramatically reduces the actual ‘feeling’.

And this ‘feeling’ means ‘that extra tingle’ – quality of sensation be it stimulation or orgasm itself.

The question arises what is worth more to us? These were some of the ‘bad guys’.

Other ways to enhance our libido and sexual health:

Cold water on testicles.

Finish your morning shower with cold water on your genitals (uhhh!)

Doesn’t sound too exciting? - It works. The theory behind it comes from the fact male testicles require lower temperature than the rest of our body (that’s why they are located ‘out of body’). This keeps production of sperms at their optimum.

So the actual recommendation is to cool down your testicles before you step out of your regular warm shower. (This is well documented by both the western and the eastern medicine – so it is worthwhile to take it as a serious info).

Though it is suggested for testicles only, I believe it is good to for ‘all package’. Even to alternate cold and hot shower on genitals. Just to finish with cold water. This expands and contracts the cells – ‘kinda’ a teasing exercise for them...

Have you experienced your penis feeling healthier after swimming - especially in colder water? (Of course, at a later time – smile).

Regular Sex

How should I say ‘use it or lose it’ in other way so I don’t have to repeat it? Practice makes perfect???

Regular sex stimulates all our body. It not only improves our sexual health and provides us with so much wanted pleasure. There is more to that. It contributes to general health. Regulates and balances our hormones, endocrine system and other bodily functions.

For many decades to come science will have no full understanding and knowledge of many important processes in human body.

If we don’t know it – let’s keep doing it. Let’s keep active and healthy. In later articles I will show (I have to start working harder...) how sex plays an important role in many aspects of our health.

Diet and Mens Sexual Health

We all have different preferences when it comes to food. I’m not here to talk you into any dieting.

Nuts and oats are considered great for Mens Sexual Health.

I admit I like cooking. There is one food which is recommended (mostly by eastern medicine) as a good start of the day – breakfast. Why not to try?

It is well balanced meal to support good sex and sperm production. I’m talking here about simple ‘scrambled eggs’. With all ingredients recommended for better sexual health life.

Oh! and prepared in a supreme way – ‘my way’. (Forgive me for my enthusiasm, please! I received so many compliments about my cooking skills from many people – women as a matter of fact as well! I never shared them before. I hope you will not be disappointed. Let’s try...)

Go to my recipes – let’s name it – ’Sex Scrambles’ :-)

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