Miserable Date

by Josh
(Adelaide, Australia)

My most miserable date started like this:

I picked her up on internet. Then we talked on a phone for a while.
I knew she was not 'the one' as I felt she was 'nuts'. But I needed sex. It was one of those days. I know it doesn't sound right. But I'm not a monster, either...
And women, sometimes, feel and act the same way.

(Note: I was looking for relationship, not just sex. A lot depends on a situation.)

She was in her thirties and she had a thirteen year old daughter. All date was revolving around her. It obviously was of no importance how my date felt about me.
The most important thing was how I would get along with her daughter, how would I handle her moods, etc.

It was clear she had a problem bringing her up.

After short lunch it was easy to get her in my house. Though she was most likely against it, her curiosity was on a higher end.

I soon realized, even she wanted to, I would not have sex with her. She was so absorbed in herself and her daughter. It really was like an interrogation.
Now don't take me wrong. I understand relationships and the importance of children and family.

After she walked around the house and we sat down she suddenly came up with a question: 'do you have a washing line, I haven't noticed while I was outside'?

Now if this how one should act on her first date I feel sorry for our mankind.

Later on after she left she called me. She has decided that 'I was ok' and we could meet again.
Needles to say I had politely declined.

When she left my house I felt my house was dirty. From her presence. Anytime I thought of her I felt disgusts.

Lucky for us, men, she is a 'true pearl'. I mean by that a very rare breed of female. God help us if all were like this.

By the way, keep up your good work. I found lot of helpful hints on your site. I'm even looking into setting up my own website!


Tibor's Reply: Very interesting! I thought mostly women have problems with dating... Thank you, Josh, for sharing your story.

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