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Trying to make a living? Money Money Money? And in order to stay honest I have to say at the very start, if you are looking for fast money this is a completely wrong place to be right now. I know, it is a bad start. We all want everything and - now. It doesn’t work that way. 

Do you want to succeed or would you prefer me to promise you crap to make you happy? To extract your money?

What is better? 

If you are prepared for few years to work a bit extra and to wait for possible rewards then go on.

While there are no guarantees in any business there are few things which should be taken into consideration while thinking about financial independence. 

We have usually two options (unless born filthy rich). That is to exchange time for money - work; or; create an income which we will keep receiving while not working at a time (Another one would be listening to Money Money Money from ABBA :)

All is easy to be said. I am not saying it is not possible. But good things never come as easy (to most of us).

With this on mind a started building websites. I had a deep belief if I'll be patient enough I will have a reasonable income after some period of time.

A thought was good.

The reality? Very different.

Do not take me wrong. We are here to make money. Money Money Money. But the worst scenario is to lure someone innocent into a trap.

I have lots of visitors. Affiliate business - name it. And still the money is not up to my expectations. Why is that you may ask?

The reason is simple. We all go to internet to get whatever we want. But… for free. No money money money...

No matter how important it might be. Most of us will keep searching long hours just to get nowhere but not spending a single cent.

And the world economy is not improving either. With this our chances will greatly diminish.


If you decide to join any successful Network Marketing Company you will definitely  find a huge amount of information (resistance) on Internet which will completely discourage you. That is only natural. Everything has got its supporters and opposition.

 If it comes to the fraze Money Money Money - you can be sure. 

And if we will make decisions based on these assumptions we will never ever start doing anything in our lives.

So what is the recipe to success?

It is, of course,  perseverance. 

But we may persevere as much we like if we have started with something what is already doomed.

The option is to join others those with a successful formulae.  It is easy to join. However, when it comes to marketing it is close to hell. You have no idea which words you may or may not use.

Todays' world is a beautiful and terrible place at the same time. We need to be protected because otherwise we would be eaten up by spam and endless false claims.

And to admit it - I hate that very much.


The problem is that I hate also restrictions I have to follow because of that. We will come to an era we cannot write anything. To make sure we will not mislead someone.

This reminds me of Buddhism where monks choose not to talk in order to avoid saying a word which could bear a bad meaning. That would put their cultivation quite behind. I have read it somewhere, correct me if wrong, please.

Now to the business after all this 'preface'.

During my lifetime I have been looking for quite a few products and opportunities. 

My experience is as follows.

You may suggest the best cure, product, vitamin or whatever to any person promising him that would do this or that.

Guess what?

That person will look after his car (horse, camel) - but not after himself. He (she) will get his car regularly serviced (that is new oils, lubricants or whatever comes with it).

But he (she) will not do same for himself (herself). It somehow does not matter that our human life expectance is much longer.

If you use correct supplements you will feel good. At that instant you will take it for granted and stop using them.

Would you try the same with your car? Try not changing oil for 20 years. And you expect to live much longer then that. Don't you deserve the same treatment?

Anyway. That is life. I am not here to preach. That was just  a thought which maybe will get some person one day to realise what is life about (hopefully).

What I wanted to say is different. There are great supplements out there but for these obvious reasons you would have to work very hard to 'get' people using them.  Despite of this tiny 'setback' I use 

Mannatech (opens new window)

and I always will. I consider myself more important than my car.

But what if there were things which individuals cannot go without? Such as electricity. Gas. Mobile. Internet.

Can you imagine you could have a small share of it? You could do it as an

IBO - an independent business owner (opens new window)

Not all services are available (yet) in many countries. There are currently 23 countries participating.

Their list in alphabetical order:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland ,France, Germany, Hungary,

Ireland, Italy, Korea (South), Netherlands, New Zealand , Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden,

Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States,

People may go online and get their quotes or study opportunities how to become an independent distributor.

If you are interested you may look at website on it. Click on the country of your relevance, please, to make sure it is available in country of your residence.

I believe more countries will be gradually added. But that is my personal opinion only.

Again, I have to repeat. And this is very important. You will not make money unless you work towards it. That is to say, more effort you will put into anything in your life it will increase the chances to your success.

There is no such thing as fast money (in other words money money money) except lottery, inheritance or other unlikely lucky encounters.


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