Monster Penis

What is the best way to enlarge (straighten) my penis?

You might look it up in

Penis Enlargement Bible or Penis Enlargement Guide.

Both are cost effective ways to enlarge (or straighten) your penis no matter who says what. It requires commitment, though.

Yesterday I saw this movie. An UK documentary. About penises. Do we need a monster penis? Just found it, the name of the documentary was “My Penis and Everyone Else’s”. Interesting. For the first time in my life I saw penile enlargement surgery, yak!
My penis hurts just from seeing it. The most interesting thing, the guy who underwent the surgery had already a monster penis.
Why would I write an article about it?

I’ve read lots of posts on the internet and honestly I’m cheesed off with the way how especially young people think on the subject.
If you say the truth they are offensive because having a four or five inch penis according to them is satisfactory as long as you know how to use it.

If a woman wants a larger - monster penis they automatically label her as a slut. While they can’t see they want only the same thing and that is a tight vagina.
They scream, attack, because it makes them feel insecure and this is the only way they can ‘revenge’.

It won’t make anyone to have more sex. While a monster penis will.

On the other hand as soon you mention the penis enlargement works they are about to kill you because according to them it is a scam. It doesn’t work for them; jelqing damages the penis and endless more excuses.
And mind me; they are reluctant to join a good penis enlargement site for perhaps one off payment of $ 50 or less.

They instead try to do it on their own with their limited (or no) knowledge. And that’s where the damage may happen. Or; it doesn’t work.

Instead they are looking at surgery (which cost about US $ 10,000 plus) with all the risks involved.
Or penis enlargement pills which will grow their penis while watching TV!

Please, send me those pills!

And now serious. Back to the documentary.

Lawrence was trying to get men talking about their penises. To no avail. Obviously he didn't come accross with ones with a monster penis.
But later he managed to organise a penis exhibition by simply collecting over hundred of photos of various penises from the web site.

While watching the program with interest I didn’t expect anyone to turn up for the actual exhibition.
But at the end they did. They were mostly young fellows and few girls. After having a beer or two they started to be quite open on the subject.

Prior to this Lawrence (name of the host) asked several women to model their ‘ideal’ penis from clay.
And I must say I started to go from confident to feeling small.

They created monster cocks. Though not an extreme in any case, they were well above any average.
In both length and girth. And I know it is real, they were not pretending, simply nothing wrong from women point of view.

When Lawrence confronted them, one woman answered it must have been in her mind only, perhaps in the reality she want less. Then she corrected herself saying ‘this is what she wants’. While the other woman said if she went for a one night stands that is what she wanted.

Women definitely want larger penises and this makes men to feel insecure.

But let’s look at the business from the true perspective.

Why he also didn’t ask few men to model an ideal vagina from clay?

Now, don’t take me wrong but men are stressed about their penises because they are obvious – they are seen. So it is a great topic to talk about.

Isn’t it time we talk about vaginas? How big they are? Women discuss penis, men should discuss vaginas. They also come in various shapes and sizes.

How will it make a woman feel if she’s been told she’s large or very lose? Secure? Will she laugh at small penises? Or will men laugh at large vaginas? Both are not fair. (But... we still want ideal sex. :)

It is two sided.

Big penis and tight vagina are great. But we can’t have them at all times. How we can compromise depends on our personality and most of all our sex drive.

Though Lawrence was showing penile surgery there is a better way; penile enlargement exercises.
But as I mentioned some guys prefer to spend $ 50 on booze or cigarettes instead of good program on the penis enlargement.

So where does it lead us? Do we really need a monster penis?

We men want to be great lovers. One of the requirements is having a large penis.

And we can enlarge our penis (permanent). (opens new window) Also, women can tighten their vagina, though not permanently.

The pendulum is pointing in the direction of women. Penis size is on a daily agenda for too many.

If women discuss penis sizes in your presence, stay confident. You may say you have a good size.
Ask what they think about large and lose vaginas.

Should men bend backwards trying to satisfy them?

The pendulum works in two directions. It depends if you can move it. This meant to be just a rational thinking. Of course the best is to have a ‘monster cock’ and tight vagina.

No matter what we say. In order to have more sex it is better to have larger penis. We can talk as much we like. Only that will make a change.

And it is understandable. We all are looking for pleasure. And tighter the connection it feels better as well (hence the popularity of anal sex for men – anus feels tighter).

Vaginal lubrication is necessary and great. But with even an average penis it may feel ‘too wet’.
If the penis is larger, then this will be never a problem. Monster penis is a solution to lubrication :)

I can imagine it was not an easy task to get people talking on TV about their penises.
Here you have a chance to be completely opened about it.

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