My boyfriend is small. What should I do?

by Alice
(Seattle, WA)

I don’t know how to ask this. We are together with my boyfriend for five years now. He’s too small.
Not that I had many men before.

Should I tell him? I know he feels the same. There is that... hmmm there are those unspoken words. We both sense it. But we avoid the subject.
I don’t want to tell him because I love him. But I’m missing out. I know that. Should I be looking? Or cheating?

Is anyone in a similar situation? What should I do?

Tibor's reply: This is a tough one. As I can feel you are considering cheating and even looking for a new boyfriend. It is better to take a risk an discuss this with him face to face. If he loves you as much as you love him this should work.
There is a risk of separation, though.

For your information he can easily add 1 inch to his manhood. And more of course, but that requires time. That should make a difference in your sexual relationship.

He has all necessary information available on this site.

It would be sad to end your relationship because you simply don't have any 'bad' reasons for it. This can be changed.

If you require more detailed information, just use 'Contact Form' to e-mail.
Thank you for sharing and wish you well.

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