My Wild Experience

by Sarah

The weekend arrived so I got up quick and looked out the window. It was damp and misty, perfect. I got dressed and went down for breakfast, dad was already up and made me some toast."You seem eager to go somewhere" he said, and "don't you think that skirt's a little too short to wear out?”

I'm only going to the park I replied and with that I went outside and grabbed my bike. Could hardly tell him what I wanted to do. I cycled towards the park but stopped off at a sweet shop and bought a tube of smarties (which would come in handy later).

Soon I was at the tree. Feeling very nervous as I walked around it, I stopped where I had sat before but could not see anything, then noticed some bark was loose so carefully lifted it up, there they were, loads of woodlice.

They didn’t like it when the light was on them, so I quickly emptied the smartie tube and tried to get the woodlice inside, was not easy at first but soon got use to picking them up. I had about 10-15 inside the tube and put the lid back on, looking around to see if anyone was about I then lifted my skirt and pulled my knickers open, shaking I picked up another 5 woodlice one at a time and dropped them in my knickers.

Letting them stay there I walked around a bit before getting on my bike and riding home. I was only a short ride from home and was careful not to squash the woodlice in my knickers as I sat on the saddle.

Once home I rushed in doors and went straight to my room and laid on the bed, lifting my skirt I looked inside my knickers, all 5 were still inside. I picked up the smartie tube which was now full of woodlice and held it between my legs. This was it; there would be no turning back now.

Pulling my knickers aside, I slid a finger in me, I was so wet. Quickly removing my hand I lifted the tube up and flicked the lid off. Without hesitating I pushed the tube deep inside me, shaking it as it went in. OMG!!

The woodlice fell out of the tube and dropped in me. I could feel them crawling about as they climbed over each other. Pulling the smartie tube out, I saw it was empty; the whole lot were in me. It felt like I was as on fire down there, loads of little legs crawling everywhere. I froze as I lay there, watching the other woodlice crawl on me. 10 minutes must have passed, when it suddenly felt like I was wetting myself.

Jumping off the bed I rushed to the toilet, I couldn't hold it or them any longer, I got to the toilet but it was too late, the feeling of the woodlice inside me made me wet myself.

Taking my knickers off I noticed there was only about 8 woodlice on them, which meant the others were still inside me. Sitting down I tried to pee some more but only 3 more popped out. Panic started to set in as mum called out "you ok Sarah", "yea I’m fine mum, just going to take a shower".

I undressed and stepped into the shower and unscrewed the head, it's no good I thought I will have to try and flush them out. Pushing the pipe inside I slowly turned the water on, oh wow!! I loved it. I stood looking as the water gushed out of me and more woodlice with it. Relaxing, I now knew I could get them out of me, well hopefully all of them as I had not considered this when I put them in.

Finishing my shower, I picked up my wet knickers and the woodlice on them and went back to my room. Carefully picking them off I put them back in the smartie tube, knowing they will be in their new home soon. Weekend over, it was back to school.

I found it difficult to concentrate, my mind was still on the weekend and I could hardly tell anyone about it. During one of the lessons I found an article from the council which stated (Woodlice do not transmit disease or bite and are not considered to be a public health pest).

This excited me more, I can confirm they don't bite but knowing they don't transmit disease made me feel wet. Also it said (The female woodlouse produces between 50 and 150 eggs. She carries these in a brood pouch until they hatch. This can take between 50-100 days. In England there is usually only one generation of woodlice produced per year).

This was good news; I mean it's not as if they would be inside me for 50 days I started looking at their habitats and where I could find more. Couldn't wait to get home and search the garden. Rushing in doors at home, I found mum was out and I quickly ran outside looking under rocks and pots, yeah I found some, running to my room to get the tube which I put small air holes in; I kept my uniform on but removed my knickers.

I wanted to get the smartie tube and me full of them. Going back outside I sat on the ground, legs either side of the pot where they were, I was getting wet already. I took the top off the tube and checked inside, good they were still ok, and sliding it slowly into me I shook it till it was empty.

It felt good having them back inside, I then started to fill the tube with as many as I could find, these would be joining the rest later. Quickly filling the smartie tube, I laid on my back out in the garden and pushed the open end inside me as deep as I good. They started to fall out of the tube, oh wow!!

Lifting up my legs I worked the tube in an out as more woodlice were dropping inside me, it felt as if I was being touched all over. Then I heard a car pull up, oh no, mums home. I pulled the tube out and dropped it on the ground it was empty.

Standing up I straightened my skirt as mum came to the back door "hey Sarah" "what you doing out here in the garden" "uuh nothing mum" I "replied just getting some fresh air". There was a mass of movement inside as I stood still; they were going up down sideways exploring their new home. "You haven't forgotten we are going shopping, have you" she asked.

What now!! I replied, "Yes now, I have to get back to get dinner ready for your dad". "Can I get changed first" I asked. "No need dear, nothing wrong with what you have on, tho I would prefer it if your skirts were a bit longer". I could go and put some jeans on, NO, you'll go as you are we don't have much time anyway, go get in the car please.

Walking outside, I opened the car door and sat down making sure my hands rested between my legs as I still had no knickers on. Mum got in and we drove to High Chelmer shops as she wanted to go in the co-op as well as some clothes shops. I had to grit my teeth and almost pushed my feet through the carpet as I tensed each time they moved, I could feel myself getting wet between my legs.

We parked and I got out of the car and looked at the seat to see a small wet patch, hope it dries before we get back I thought. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold it much longer, "sorry mum but I really need the toilet" I ran all the way there.

Once inside I closed the door and sat down, lifting my skirt as I felt a trickle come out of me, I leaned back and started to rub myself slowly at first then faster in time with their movement. It felt like they were having a house warming party. Soon I felt myself gushing as a wave of sheer pleasure shot thru me; I must have been in there 10 mins.

I looked in the toilet and was surprised to see very few and come out which excited me more. Finding mum I started to relax as we walked around the shops, the woodlice seemed to keep still as I walked around, then mum wanted to stop for a coffee at starbucks.

We sat down and it felt like they had all just come alive, I was almost crossed legged under the table as I tried to smile and not scream out. “you look a little flushed Sarah" you ok mum asked, sure mum I never felt better.

I could feel myself burning up and desperately wanted to touch myself, which I did whenever I thought no one was looking. When we left it looked like someone a spilt a drink on the chair and I couldn’t wait to get home.

Once home I rushed to the bathroom and rubbed myself as fast as I could. They had been inside me now for almost 2 hours and I loved every minute of it. I thought about taking a shower, but decided against it, I’ve managed this long, maybe I could manage the whole night.

Going back down stairs for dinner it suddenly occurred to me, I had not read my research on them properly. I had misread about how long it takes them to lay eggs, it takes them between 50 to a hundred days to lay and I thought that they would never be inside me for that long, but what if that time had expired before I put them inside me.

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