Naked Angel

by Lucky Guy

We went into the mountains to spend night together. There was about 25 years age difference between two of us.

She looked gorgeous, absolutely fantastic body, firm with big boobs. A face of an Angel.

After having sex in a spa I took my massage table out of the car and set it up. I prepared everything.
A beautiful music, scent, candles, whatever you can think of.

I laid her down and massaged her beautiful body. With oily body she looked magnificent in the light of candles.

And I let it last. I massaged her for good two hours and she seemingly enjoyed it.

Once we’ve finished and my mind started wondering about another sex session she said out of the blue:
“Now it’s my turn. I’m going to massage you”.

My jaws dropped, she had never learned proper massage techniques. And I was already inside her tight pussy with my thoughts… at least…

What a heck, I thought. Let her try. I deserve to be spoiled after all as well.

I changed the table setting (height), laid on it naked (we were both naked, of course), and she took over.

God help me…
She jumped on the table and naked as she was glittering from oil she started massaging my body. I closed my eyes but when her beautiful breasts touched my body I had to peak.
There was no alternative. I could only see a darkness surrounding her but her body contours were brightly lit and showed all in a great detail.

Like having an Angel crawling all over you. But what I couldn’t understand, she was so good.
She had remembered my moves and she genuinely repeated most complicated massage tricks.
It felt - it is beyond any description. When you do massage you never go into sex.

And this was about – sex. She was more than sensual, sexual – she was a sex bomb shell. You could tell she wanted to prove herself. Her femineity. Sensuality. The power of sex.
To excel. And I must say – she more than did.

A highly intelligent being grasping the complicated trade in minutes’ notice, so to say. She was fluid, pretty, sexy, the best words to describe it is – to be shut up.

When a woman does something from just a curiosity she does it fast. Not this time.
The entire massage lasted for many hours. She finished at about three in the morning!
I had never had that much pleasure in my life. Talk about luck. Thinking back I have to thank destiny for that. One of the most beautiful things ever happened to me.

I still have those oily breasts in front of my eyes. Touching me and moving above me like in a dream.
A nude young women above me in all her beauty.
You can never forget thing like that. Ever. And what is tantalizing about it that it is not a fantasy. It happened in real.

How could I return time? Please???

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