Natural Weight Loss

Natural weight loss is my choice. I love myself good enough to avoid damage to my body.

But what exactly is natural? We have millions of dieting and natural weight loss offers. Which one will do something for me?


The answer, as usual, is simple. (In practice, we have to suffer, though. – Oh!)

As we are all so different there is no common ‘best’ weight loss program. We might try anything from green tea weight loss to juice recipes for weight loss.

Each person has his/her own UNIQUE successful weight loss program which WORKS JUST FOR HIM/HER!

(Who could live on juice for the rest of life? We are talking about permanent natural weight loss. Not for three weeks.)

Everyone on this planet will try to prove to you (or to me) how their program works. It does. But they don’t say for whom! In order to be successful we definitely need to experiment on our own.

The best approach is to try few different ways of losing weight. Don’t get alarmed, please! I’m not here to scare anyone. But let’s talk about the subject honestly. We want true results. Not just two weeks of hard work and back to the square one.

To achieve anything in our life it requires PERSISTENCE.

That requires us:

    • To have a goal (we want to look great and feel great)

    • To do it in a way we can ‘survive it’ (no drastic measures)

The road to it is:

    • To do it gradually and constantly
    • to enjoy it instead of suffering

If we’ll do any radical change, e.g. fast weight loss - it is million percent sure we will not continue it in near future. We are doomed to fail.

It is better to lose half that weight but keep it off forever.

Some individuals prefer low carb diet (high in protein or fat). Others prefer a combination which varies in ratio.

The best bet is to choose the one which you can live with.

It is crazy to start starvation or fasting (Unless you are a trained monk - smile). If you prefer fasting it is the best with a group of people. Take off a week and go to a retreat of some sort.

When I attended Ka-Huna massage courses we eat almost nothing for a week. As much as I consider myself a ‘hungry beast’ I was perfectly happy while living on water, herbal tea, few carrots, etc.

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(Though this is a 100% natural weight loss, it would definitely not be my choice to live on water... SMILE)

And remind you – we were working at full speed from 6 am till midnight. It was a very intensive work. – I was not hungry!!! While full of energy!!!

You will not even realize you are eating only a bare minimum. You’ll burn fat away like a candle. Once you return home to your daily routine it is easier to take up a suitable diet and stick to it.

(It is highly advisable to do it as I did – with a group of people under expert guidance. The lady running the retreat is highly trained and she loves her work. At the age of fifteen she was already coaching people in yoga. She had worked with world leading chiropractors. On my own I would never in my life stay without food for more than a day! Would you?)

Exercise is a key word to success and to achieve natural weight loss. By exercise I don’t necessary mean lifting weights or run great distances.

It should all start with 5-10 minutes of exercise – stretching every morning. Depending on age group and your abilities these again have to be adjusted by common sense.

When I come home and I’m hungry like a mad dog I exercise instead. After 10 minutes I don't feel hungry anymore. Instead I enjoy my work-out. There is one important thing to make this happen. As soon you enter the door – just do it. No kitchen, no other chores. No distraction.

After the exercise if you will feel hungry – yes, why not. Have some nice light meal. Preferably salads, of course. The most weight we gain is due to eating at later hours. To achieve optimum natural weight loss there should be no meal after 6 pm.

Even the greatest athletes need to watch their diet if they don’t want to have fat. Building muscle supports weight loss. More muscle mass we have – more fat we burn.

Interval training is the best. The body will keep burning calories long hours after the exercise.

Exercise should be kept under 60 minutes. (We are not talking about Olympic Games here).

I’ve tried many approaches to natural weight loss. The best is the one I can live with. In my case I need protein and fat.

Human body needs some fat intake. My personal opinion is the carbohydrates are the problem of our mankind. We are fed from cereals for breakfast and ending with soft drinks full of sugars. It is so wrong! (I like occasional cereals and coke as well. Damn it! SMILE. But I truly have it very seldom.)

I’m in my mid fifties. I love eggs for breakfast. And I never had a problem with my cholesterol. We are being constantly bombarded with wrong information.

The cholesterol is one of the best money makers for our pharmaceutics industry. I’ve never believed in it. I keep spending my money to enjoy my eggs instead...

As we are discussing natural weight loss I should mention cholesterol under different heading...Sorry, I got carried away...

Keeping the weight in check is important. Slim or athletic figure helps tremendously in all aspects of life. It may be self esteem, happiness. It provides us with better choices. It keeps us healthy.

Have you seen a person in their forties or fifties with a great figure? You would much likely choose that person by looks. Regardless of age.

We need to be pushed and motivated. The rewards are high.

Every person interested in self improvement no matter what it is deserves nice words of encouragement.

I titled this article a natural weight loss. The reason is simple. I do not support an idea of any surgical, liposuction or other artificial procedures. Our body is precious. Surgical procedures have many negative effects.

Some we will understand in few decades time. Just look how X-rays were popular when they were discovered. People were getting their X-rays taken for curiosity. Would you get yourself X-rayed today just for fun?

Any cuts in human body cause damage. That the body repairs itself does not mean we should abuse it. The natural weight loss is a way to happiness.


    • Decide what foods you like. Is it meat? Carbohydrates? Mixed?
    • Choose your diet to suit your type.

    • Stick to it

    • Combine short, light exercise with your diet

    • Increase intensity and length of exercises as your energy level increases

If you make any sudden and drastic change in your life your motivation will die most likely within a short period of time.

Life has to be in balance in order to do whatever you decided to do. A combination of work and pleasure. Too much of any will spell a failure, boredom, tiredness.

This information is not meant to be for athletes. If you are one of them – you can push yourself much harder than we do!

Good diet will help us to have low body fat. Exercise will shape our body and keep it firm. In order to look great we need both.

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