Non-Prescription Female Sexual Enhancements Can Stimulate the Libido

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Non-Prescription Female Sexual Enhancements Can Stimulate the Libido
The University of Chicago conducted a survey on women between the ages of 18 and 39 and discovered that thirty three percent of them suffer from the same common sexual condition.
The survey showed that twenty one percent of those women don’t reach an orgasm during sex; fourteen percent experience pain during intercourse, and thirty three percent have a low libido or an almost non-existent sex drive.

All of these common sexual symptoms are signs of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD), which is also called Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) by some professionals. These sexual symptoms manifest at different times depending on the mental and physical issues that women face each day. Several issues trigger FSD, and a woman can experience one symptom or several symptoms depending on her mental awareness, and emotional strength.

The American Psychiatric Association points out the fact that there are different sexual attitudes about sex, in other words we all have our own beliefs about sex, and those beliefs create sexual experiences, which can be positive or negative depending on the associations we make regarding sexual activity. Some psychiatrists say there are influences that change our emotional feelings about the sexual act, and the circumstances that instigate intercourse.

Other psychiatrists say that most women suffer in silence because they are embarrassed or feel like there is no help available to alleviate their symptoms. Women who are pregnant or who just went through childbirth and are breast feeding usually come to the conclusion that their symptoms are part of birthing process, and they believe that female sexual enhancement (opens new window) will do little to bring their sex life back.

Other women who are under a considerable about of stress, or who are experiencing mild depression usually feel the same way, so most of these women talk about getting some kind of help, but never do. The first step in addressing the symptoms of FSD is identifying the cause, and then finding female sexual enhancements that will help change hormone secretion. Non-prescription Lyriana is formulated to help increase the secretion of the androgen hormones responsible for sexual desires, as well as sexual activity.

Lyriana is Formulated to Stimulate Sexual Hormones

In order to return to a healthy sex life, hormones like estrogen and even testosterone must be in balance. Other androgen hormones also play a role in vaginal lubrication and orgasms during intercourse, so it’s important to find the supplement that can help increase sexual hormone production. Lyriana’s all natural ingredients send chemical messages to the brain so different glands increase the production of androgen hormones.

When Lyriana enters the bloodstream women sense a difference almost immediately. Normal sexual desires and fantasies return, and vaginal pain and dryness disappear. Lyriana also helps women experience frequent orgasm during intercourse. All the symptoms of female sexual dysfunction begin to disappear when Lyriana is used as directed.

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