One of My Great Dates

by Josh
(Adelaide, Australia)

I can’t believe it. I have already written about my bad experience. Now the other one comes up to my mind. I had decided I will share this story with you as well.

I was overseas visiting my family and friends. After many years an opportunity came up to meet my schoolmate I used to have crash on her in my teenage years.

Her name is Janet. She is an intelligent and beautiful woman and she is working as a respected doctor in a local hospital.

We met for dinner in a beautiful restaurant. I bought her a single red rose which the waiter put readily into a vase on a table.

After a bit of waiting she turned up. She was as beautiful as ever. Some people are just able to keep their eternal beauty. She was one of them and without any doubt.

After a long conversation, great dinner and wine I’ve seen her off. I told her about my secret love to her as a teenager as well. It was late at night. I did not have any expectations.

Once near her apartment she had apologized and disappeared for a minute. I’ve seen her she was stealing a rose from a public park. She, of course, prickled her fingers in a process.

She gave me that rose and kissed me. But it was not just a kiss. It was the sweetest and best kiss I have ever experienced in my life! I asked for one more...

I returned to my hotel with the greatest feeling any man could have. I had a real great time. And there was no sex involved.

We had met on another occasion under similar circumstances. With similar outcome (except the flower business).

Due to living in a different part of world we did not take things any further. But this date was definitely one to remember. The best kiss ever.


Tibor's Reply: I thought I was lucky! What a romantic story. You might tell us about more of your adventures? Thanks for your contribution.

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