by Toby

Hey! I'm 18 years old and standing at 6.6" length and 5.1" girth fully erect.

For some reason my penis looks skinny, but if I get an object that's 5" girth and compare I find its really not. Every guy does this to himself. Others see your penis very differently than you do.

Also I grew up most of my life with a small penis, in fact at 18 I feel I'm just now really growing. I've gained over an inch in the past year. So everybody has different time frames for growth. When I was 14 I barely had 4.5" erect.

Give it time. But on the other side I was introduced to something called jelqing. This is a controversial topic so I just suggest you give it a shot for yourself. For me personally I have gained half of inch in length and .3 in girth. But these gains aren't that impressive when you take into consideration that this took me 6 months. But every little bit helps right.

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