Performance anxiety / Tightness of penis / Weak erections

by Rahul Raj

I am 28 years, I have a bad habit of masturbation due to which I am losing tightness of my penis and even the root of penis is getting weak, and I am real worried about it as I am still unmarried.

Can u please suggest me some medicine or some nature exercise or something that can increase the tightness of my penis. One more thing I smoke a lot.


Excessive masturbation makes erections weaker. However, once you have a girlfriend, you will naturally adjust (decrease) it.

It takes a little while to get used to a new partner, no matter what. Both of you need to be patient and need to realize the first sex won’t be mind blowing (that’s in many cases).
Gradually as you get used to each other and know your responses it will get better and better.

Medicine to suggest?
With any pills the greatest problem is timing. You may take a pill to get good erections just to find out your woman is not in the mood for sex; or; it simply doesn’t work out that night. What a waste!
Pill cost money, not mentioning your increased desire. All that is wasted!

It is wise to use pills with new partner at the beginning of relationship (Also if it is a ‘one-off’, one night stand encounter).

It takes the pressure off you. No need to worry about performance. You are not risking performance anxiety, sexual failure, and inability to get an erection, whatever you want to name it.

It will make sure your penis is hard as stone and you are fired up (high desire).
Once you established a regular relationship you start skipping pills and finally you stop using them at all.
It is still a good idea to have them occasionally and spice up your sexual experience; it just feels so much better.

If this is the case I recommend you to see your doctor and get a prescription for Viagra. Get 100mg tablets and cut them in quarters with scissors. (Stronger pills cost about same and this way you’ll save heaps of money).

Use it together with Libidus (natural ingredients, called also Maxidus) – you can get it online without prescription. It will make your erections stronger and increase your libido dramatically.

You can use it just by itself but with a combination of ¼ of Viagra and one Libidus you’ll have a life time experience.
Both of you. You and your girl. By the way you will feel the effect of Libidus for several days.
In addition your penis in limb state will look bigger. Viagra is the best within first 2-3 hours.
It is just like that.

Once you are comfortable with your partner you can gradually stop using any pills.

Smoking? That is a problem but only in later years. It constricts the tiny blood vessels and penis has limited blood supply. That is bad for erection.
This happens most likely after many years of smoking. At your age it would be highly unlikely you had this kind of problem.

On this page you’ll find Libidus (see banner - “How to have killer sex…”)

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