Pre Marriage Questions

What questions to ask before marriage? Pre marriage questions (Testing your compatibility) (opens new window) is an absolute must for anyone intending to walk the isle. (The irony of this is I had never done my homework when I’ve got married!)

If you intend to repair your marriage or relationship (get back your ex) this is a magic makeup guide. (opens new window)

When we plan events in our lives they tend to work out for better. When I married my wife I did everything the exact opposite. We knew very little about each other. On top of it our communication was close to nothing. She did not speak English and I did not speak Portuguese.

As she lived in Brazil and I lived in Australia the only way to find out was to marry her so she could stay with me. There are always exceptions to the rule. But I must say not often.

It is much wiser to be prepared for future. The risk will decrease many folds times if you do it the right way. To find out in five years time we are not meant for each other is a very costly and risky proposition.

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