Prevent Back Pain

Prevent back pain problems before they happen! Back pain prevention is better than treating a problem. Spending too much time on computer? Or at a desk?

Back Pain

Here are few tips how to keep your spine happy and to prevent back pain:

    • Interrupt your work regularly (every half an hour or even less). Find a reason to walk around for a minute.

    • Exercise your abdominal muscles. The common mistake is to focus on front part of your body. It is necessary to strengthen the back part as well. (Remember from my other pages 'balance'? - Whatever you do - always try to counter balance by exercising the opposite group of muscles).

    • Swimming is one of the most recommended activities to condition your body and spine. It is advisable to swim in a natural position (e.g. not sticking out your neck like a duck for a prolonged period of time - it creates strain on neck muscles).

    • The way how you sleep is important. Bed should be comfortable. Not too soft - not too hard. There are many misconceptions about this. Perhaps a professional advice from a reputable shop will solve the problem.

    • Exercise if possible, eat healthy and watch your weight. Any access weight puts an additional stress on spine .

    • Jogging is good for health as long you are not running daily on a hard surface. Try to run in parks on the edge of footpath (grass) - choose softer surface if available. I personally would never run on footpaths and streets where is traffic. Why would I choose to breathe in all that pollution? (Running on the hard surface creates lots of repetitive strain on spine. A little off 'spine-subject' - knees are getting it, too. Before you 'take off' for your jogging do 10 (or so) squads, few turns with your knees in both direction to warm them up).

    • I don't need to describe here how to lift objects. Or do I? In most countries this is a must to know. We never try to bend forward trying to perform a 'sudden (swift)' lift. We do not bend. Only knees. While lifting we straighten our knees. Our spine is always in a straight position.

    • If you don't feel like doing any exercises sitting on larger ball will do. Make it a fun. We don't want to feel it is compulsory! Watch TV sitting on big ball. Take care about your posture.

    • Pain relieving medication (back pain) can cause lots of complication. As they suppress the pain you might continue doing more damage to your spine. Pain is there to tell you are doing something wrong to yourself (A red light signal). If we block that pain - we actually ignore this warning (as in a case of ignoring red light we get involved in an accident).

I noticed from practice how common it is to have symptoms of back pain. Lot of it is work related. It does not mean workplace is responsible for our pain.

It is our own responsibility to look after our own health. We get injured more often not because of the working conditions. It is mostly because we don't look after ourselves. The working conditions are improved globally every year.

However, we are getting less active. We cannot blame others for that. To prevent back pain we need to look after our own health.

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