Red Tea Weight Loss

Red tea

Red tea weight loss, Pur-erh tea and its benefits.


Very good results were achieved in trials with young subject. Also, in 40 - 50 age groups an average 9kg weight loss was observed in more obese individuals; while medium obese lost approximately 5kg during one month period.
Those with minimal obesity recorded loss of 2.5 kg while observing their diet more closely. For those intending to lose weight; 3 cups daily are recommended (without sugar).


Red tea reduces levels of fat in blood. It is believed it helps to reduce migraines also level of uric acid in blood. Positive effects were observed on menopause, sleep disorders, diabetes and asthma.


Red tea is sold in numerous quality categories. Better the quality – higher the price. It is often sold in a compressed form rather than lose leaves. For brewing it is recommended using boiling water.
Of course, we need to drink it without sugar especially if we are looking to lose some weight.

Popular red tea ‘Pu-erh’ is from China. The brewed tea is of dark red colour.

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