Regular Sex and Health

Regular sex is not only good for your relationship. It makes you a healthier person. Here are some of the many reasons why it is worthwhile to have it on a regular bases.

Why To Devote Yourself To Sex?

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Better Sleep

There is nothing better for relaxation than a good orgasm. It releases tension and anxiety. You will have better quality sleep after sex.

Reduces the Risk of Heart Failure

According studies for men who have sex three (or more) times a week the occurrence of heart failure or haemorrhage is reduced by half.

Healthier Teeth

With regular kissing you are stimulating production of saliva. This is important to keep acidity in mouth low. The occurrence of decay is decreased.

Reduces Depression

Studies prove women not using condoms during sex suffer less depression problems (compared to those using condoms).

It is understood this is due to male hormone present in semen which has a positive effect on women's hormonal balance.

Contributes to Weight Loss

It is a great way to exercise. During passionate love making you burn approximately 200 calories. This equals e.g. to 15 minutes on treadmill. In an addition due to the excitement the heart rate is significantly increased.

It causes higher production of testosterone which results in more muscle and stronger bones.

Improves Immune System

It is well documented individuals having sex at least one to two times a week have thirty percent higher levels of antibodies, especially immunoglobulin A.

Better Bladder Control

During sex the pelvic muscles are activated which in turn tones these muscles. (Healthy pelvic muscles are essential for good bladder control).

Reduces Occurrence of Prostate Cancer

According to the recent studies it is known regular sexual activity and ejaculation decreases the risk of prostate cancer. The results show, men, with regular sex and ejaculation had in average 14 percent less occurrence of prostate cancer compared to men with less frequent sex.

Cosmetic Effects

Increased level of oestrogen during sex improves the quality and tone of your skin and hair. In addition, the production of sweat during sexual activity helps to clean skin pores. This in return decreases a danger of infections and skin diseases.

Improves Smell

Sex stimulates production of hormones which in turn stimulates neurons in brain's 'smell centre'.

It is A Painkiller

It significantly increases production of endorphins due to increased level of oxytocins (oxytocins may increase up to five times the normal level)

This reduces headaches and migraines. With increased level of oestrogen during sex it may also reduce symptoms associated with PMS.

Should we mention pleasure and happy relationship? Sex is an important part of it. There will be much more on positive effects of sex found in time. For now it is enough to know it is good for you.

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