Relationship Advice

Relationship advice is invaluable if it arrives at the right moment. It may save an existing relationship or it may help in creating a new one.

Relationship Advice

Have you found it was easy to advice your friends with their problems? At the same time if you have a similar problem facing you it is difficult to make the right decision?

We all experienced this during our lives. It is not easy to make a correct decision when our own feelings are involved. We don’t want to see the solution if it is hurting us. That’s when the third party comes into the picture.

An unbiased and objective relationship advice on the matter is needed.

When we have a problem we need to see if it is worth fixing. For any relationship to exist there must be love present. And not just an ‘ordinary’ love.

We love our cats and dogs. That would be a different ‘kinda’ love. We cannot make other person to love us.

If your partner tells you he/she doesn’t love you – there is no fix to the problem. No relationship advice can overturn the verdict above the 'true power of love'. It hurts.

You might be able to keep the relationship for a while, even for many years going. But it will end. You will save yourself lots of time and pain if you do it now.

If it is you who does not love your partner the same will apply. Move on. It will hurt him/her. But again, you would never be happy. You cannot pretend love. You cannot make the other person happy if you do not love him/her. It is only pretence and ‘false sacrifice’.

When you have children it is not as simple. One thing to remember – it is most of the time better solution for children if you separate. They sense your relationship is not as it should be. It may depend a lot on culture. However, nowadays kids know and understand better than twenty years ago.

We all know it is not desirable for children to lose any of their parents. In case they do at least you do your best to make both of you equally available to them.

If one of the parents will deny access to the other one this will backfire most of the time.

Once the children grow up they will understand what had happened. No matter what they’ve been told. And once they are adults you never know how they come back on you. You may lose them forever.

By denying access you will punish not only your own children. It might be you who need some time for yourself. And you just made sure it cannot happen.

When there are children involved it is a good choice not only to seek relationship advice. It is as much important to actually listen to that relationship advice.

We will talk about abusive relationships on a different page. As each case is very individual I recommend you to seek out a third party advice.

I’ve never ‘loved’ counsellors. To my opinion they are trying too hard to ‘fix’ the problem. To ‘start over’, ‘re-ignite the relationship, etc. It is bull. If the relationship is crap – why should we ‘try’? To have a better crap?

But we are not same. For most of us it is good to hear an unbiased opinion from someone else. Friends may be hesitant to tell us the truth. They might sympathise with us and they don’t want to hurt our feelings.

The relationship should not get into that stage. Learn from it. We need to make sure we did whatever was required. If it did not work out - it simply never will. Move on. It is so much better to spend energy while surrounded with love. Isn’t it?

It is regardless of who is right or who is not. If you love each other there is no wrong. You help each other. You do to everything to make your partner happy. We can’t please everyone and all the time.

In case you two cannot agree (it also mean to please each other) there is no point making a full time business out of it – to keep fixing. It just indicates you don’t belong together.

It is cruel to say. It happened to most. It happened to me. It may happen to anyone –anytime. No one is immune ...

It is worth waiting for ‘the right one ‘. Time is no excuse.


Persons entering into relationships should make every effort to keep it happy and loving. This sometimes does not work due to incompatibility. If there is good communication and love there is a chance to make changes, modifications in behaviour – ANYTHING!

Love each other!

A person in love will do ANYTHING for love. When two people are in LOVE only then there is a chance to solve all problems.

We will discuss the following on different pages. These will be created in order of you interest – feedback.

    • Abusive Relationship

    • Long Distance Relationship

    • Relationship Issues

    • Back to Dating Scene

    • Good Relationship Stories

    • Bad Relationship Stories

    • More on Relationship Advice

Regardless of what are you reasons reading these pages - I've learned there is always something good coming out of bad. I know. It may sometimes hurt too much.

When I had a problem (A big one. Hm - a huge one) this is what always helped me. It will maybe work for you? It was a sort of a replacement for a relationship advice to me.

My best medicine in cases like these -

    • Keep yourself occupied - much occupied. To take your mind away.

    • When you feel like talking to your loved one - write it all down in your letters. NEVER SEND THEM THOUGH!

After many weeks the pain will be gone. You will be free. Even if you would want - you could not love this person anymore. (That's how it usually works)

Marabou Limited

Do You Have a Relationship Problem?

This is a place to share. To see what others think about your problem. It is usually much easier giving relationship advice to others.

Once it is our problem we tend not to see the facts as clearly.

Let's open up and talk ourselves out. Even that helps to release steam, tension or pain.

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