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Relationship tips to make last your relationship forever. Are you happy in your current relationship? Would you like to keep it this way?

(Though it is meant for women, this is a perfect guide for men as well)

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First, before we start, you make sure you tell only the truth. It does not mean you have to tell everything. A little white lie is permitted...

Do not try to analyse all the little problems. Pay great attention to sexual life. It is a big mistake to assume the relationship will be good unless you respect this. No relationship tips can help you if you just read them.

Now let's start with relationship tips...

Be open to each other

Discuss and share your problems. He doesn't know you have PMS; or; you just had a bad day at work today. If he opens up to you on any subject, never put him down. Never make him feel bad about it. Never use it against him.

You want to reinforce your relationship and your love. Not destroying it. Be there for each other. Keep on mind any relationship tips are only as good as you make them.

Love him the way he wants it

It says it all. Do not worry about making great gestures and expecting them in return. Instead -- do millions of tiny favours to express your love and gratitude. Do it often.


There is no room for fights in permanent relationships. No matter how hard it sounds. Longer you lived alone more difficult it will be to adjust.

Be honest to yourself and to him

He needs to know what you want in life. You want dancing, travel, study; or else... Each of you must know what to expect. This way you will be able to plan your life and live in harmony.

Share decisions and control

He needs to have that sense of feeling he's in command as well. It is the best to share responsibilities and discuss decisions together. Otherwise your relationship cannot last.

More on relationship tips...

Be optimistic

You have to believe in your relationship. In your love. Put effort into it to make sure it's working. All good things require some effort. Do not expect it will work if you set it on autopilot.

Also, from personal point of view; be optimistic in your life in general. No one likes to spend time with whingers. Relationship tips are here to point you in a right direction.

Give each other freedom

It is counterproductive to spend time together 24/7. You get sick of each other. Each person deserves and needs time for himself/herself. To do your hobbies or spend some time with your friends.

Allow yourselves a bit of freedom. You will value each other better.

Have common goals - common future

(This reminds me business planning - so let's take it easy...)

Once in a while talk about common plans. Discuss what you like to do in near future. How you see your life together in few years time. What you would like to do, what places to visit, etc.

This way you both know where you are heading and what to expect.

No dramas

Avoid confrontations and making scenes. Say something nice instead. Hug him and explain how you feel.

Spend quality time together

-Regardless of how many good friends you have or hobbies. Make sure you spend time alone with your loved one. You do not want only to 'coexist' together.

Learn to say 'I'm Sorry'

This simple word can make all the difference. You might choose to refuse to admit when you are wrong. What will happen? All the anger will accumulate and one day it will 'explode'.

It is the sure way to endanger any relationship. Away with your pride -- be kind and polite to your loved one.

Forget about the past

I know this is not easy from psychological point of view for many. But I tell you this is one of the most important lessons.

Anytime you feel sorry for things once happened to you - tell yourself:

Quality Time Together

'I've learned from it and I cannot change the past. I want to be happy'. Do not ever bring up bad experiences from your past.

This (and all of the relationship tips) is important not only for your relationship. It is important for YOU. I repeat -- this is the key to your happiness. You think you can't do it? I say, you can.

Do not even think, analyse...just forget what once was... It can be as simple. The choice is purely yours.

Make peace before sleep time

Do not go to bed while upset. I've read it somewhere and it is said it works well. So why not to put it in practice? Decide you will never go to sleep before you end any quarrels or misunderstandings. And you will never let this matter to bug you again in future.

Do not share your common secrets with your friends

There are things which should stay only between you two. It is nice to have a girlfriend but it is another story to tell her about your sex life and things which suppose to stay only between you two.

Listen to him

Are you in love? Would you like to be happy like this at all times? If yes, it is important you learn to listen to him. From things he doesn't like to expressing your love and passion for him...

Ignore others telling you what to do

Do not listen to advises of others telling you what to do, how and when. The priority number one in your life is your partner. Then comes all the rest...

Cultivate your sexual life

Follow the relationship tips religiously if you want to succeed.

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Desire does not disappear in time with relationship (it does to those who do not care, though). Providing you look after your sex life. There is more to it than just to love each other.

Love by itself does not guarantee you good sex for rest of your lives.

You need to work on it. Keep changing things. Introduce new love making techniques, surprises; or; just something completely knew - out of the blue - some crazy idea.

Have fun together

Couples live together happily thanks to the fact they have lots of fun, laughter and jokes in their life.

Let your partner know you love him

You know you love him. He assumes that's the case as well. But, believe me, that is not enough. Talk about it. Tell him every day you love him. For this. And for that. Learn to express compliments for things you do to each other.

No matter what you think -- unless you say it -- the other party does not know what is inside your head.

Give him a positive feedback about everything he's doing for you good or bad. Tell him how much pleasure he caused you with his kind words or a particular action.

Talk together often -- on a daily bases

It is quite a common practice couples spend lot of time together. There is one problem, though -- without much talking.

Share your feelings, talk about things which pops up to your mind. If you learn not to criticize your loved one for it - he will be more open to you. And that is what relationship is about.

Not to be censored like a newspaper or media.

Do not EVER take things for granted

That is -- follow these relationship tips and you will never go wrong. You want to be happy. We all do.

Again, I wish you happiness in your relationship and in your personal life.


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