Sexual Sounds

Same as we love touching our partner; often we like to hear some pleasant sexual sounds. We all like what we see, smell, taste, touch and hear.

And I don't mean only a background music. Sounds of pleasure can be very simulating to many. Of course, there are individuals who prefer a quiet lovemaking. Each person perceives things in a different way. While it is great for someone to scream, to the other it is the gentle groaning and moaning what turns him/her on.

In some cases there are situation when women make sounds just pretending high ecstasy. This makes a man to assume he is providing her great pleasure.

We need to mention those few who make such a noise that you better live far from any neighbours. In a hotel environment it may cause that every maid will smile at you when you go pass her. Do I need to say what she thinks? Definitely she assumes you must be a 'pleasure machine'.

It is not necessary to have a 'heavy equipment' (9 inches) to achieve the above. There are women who are naturally very loud once they reach an orgasm.

One of sexual tips would be to consider our sexual compatibility in this regard as well and feel free to experiment with our partner. Once you perfect it, this will form a helpful part of your sexual techniques and sexual body language.

Be natural. Enjoy what life has to offer to you. Sound is a part of our world of ecstasy. It enhances the release of energy.


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