Sleep Sex

In certain situations sleep sex may prove to be a dangerous practice.
However, to many couples it does not cause any drama.

So what's the fuss about?

It all may changes if a man sleeps e.g. with an under aged girl or daughter. Or having sex without consent. To have sex under these circumstance may prove disastrous and lead to legal action. It will be difficult to prove one's innocence.

Also, some women do not like the idea of being annoyed during night.

Sexsomnia (sleep sex) had been confirmed by research in nineties. It can be treated quiet easily as similar related parasomnias.

It is not limited to men only. One of the extreme examples was a case in Australia where a woman while sleep walking was having sex with complete strangers.

Each person having sexomnia has a different level how they are being effected by it. The surroundings where they are sleeping are one of the most important factors.

Both sexes may demonstrate this type of parasomnia or sexual behaviour in sleep (SBS) as it was labelled. It may be as simple as self masturbation or touching and stimulating other's persons genitalia. Oral sex and anal sex are rare during SBS.

Some men will become very aggressive and dominating during sleepsex. Partner will perceive it as a rape. The problem is the man does not know anything about it happening. He has no recollection of the event.

As sex in sleep is closely related to sleep walking it is not necessary for a man to be actually present in bed with someone. He may sleep walk to someone's bed and have sex without ever realizing it.
Once the police is called it will be difficult to prove it was not a sexual assault.

It is a good idea to get professional help to prevent some sort of wrong doing. It may cause lots of stress to families and may lead to costly legal actions. Prevention is the best remedy.


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