Slight bend penis

My curved penis

My curved penis

My penis is slightly bent, I’m planning to have sex soon, is my curve normal, will it go inside the vagina fully? Will it be painful for the girl with whom I have an intercourse?


About half of men have a bend in their penises and it is not a problem.

It will go inside vagina. If fully, depends on size of genitalia.
If it will be painful or not, that requires more complicated answer.

Because of slight curvature it will be no more painful.
If your girl has sex for the first time than it will be most likely painful at the beginning.
Then pleasure takes over.

Pain depends on several factors:

    • If she’s a virgin

    • Size of her vagina

    • Size of your penis

It is not possible to know what to expect. If you have a large penis, it is likely it will hurt. But vagina will get used to it. In some circumstances where there is a huge difference in size it will hurt; or penetration will be close to impossible. But this is extremely rare.

In life there are things we have to learn by practice. Others can’t do it for us.
We have to go sometimes through a bit of pain in order to experience pleasure.
If you find it difficult during penetration and it is hurting her you need to take a slow and gentle approach.

Because each human body is so different you both will have a unique experience.
Once you have a new girlfriend, everything you’ve learned will change and new learning period will start.

If you are too conscious about the curvature you can rectify it. Read more on penis curvature
where there is a description how to correct it.

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