Small Penis

by Iven L. Ch.

I am 30 male with 5 inch when erected and 3 inch when soft.


That is not a huge problem. Though 5 inches is nothing big it is a reasonable size.

Soft size does not matter. The erect size is more important for sexual pleasure. You have two options. To live with it, or, doing enlargement.
I must tell you it is a hard work and you if you decide to take this path you can’t give up for several months if you don’t want to lose whatever you’ve gained during this time.

Though difficult, imagine adding two inches plus to your existing size! That would make it larger than 7 inches! (May take about 1-2 years).
And with that you do not need to worry at all.

But it is your choice and your decision. I’ll give you the link to read and you will make up your mind.
Nobody else can do it for you.

Penis does not grow like tomatoes on the stake or lemon on the trees. By simply eating vitamins, fertilizing it or whatever.
Only surgery is a quick fix but as you will find out it is not as quick as it seems to be. High cost followed by long recovery periods not mentioning pain and risks involved.

It is much wiser to choose a cheaper option and look after yourself. One more thing – on the extreme side, if you will be looking for free information, that is what you will get – cheap and not necessarily good advice.

Your penis – your say. You have to decide what is your penis worth to you.

You will find true information here --
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