small penis

I’m only 14 but i have a 4 inch penis and am worried about having sex.

i don’t want people to see how small i am. sex is everywhere and the girl i like i feel will want to have sex but i doubt i can even satisfy her. oh and she’s 16 btw.


Read the following:

On Penis Enlargement (opens new window) and think about it seriously.

Is 4 inch penis enough? (opens new window)

You will find out you can live with 4 inches.
However, if you want to do anything about it that is hard work. At 14 you may have still a chance
your penis will grow depending when you started your puberty.
I personally doubt it would grow.

It is understandable how you feel. Women are nowadays well educated and speak their mind. Many times they do not know the true reality.

But again, same as you, everybody wants the best. And they will choose if possible. Penis is not the only organ women look.

Problem is common showers and exposure to others. Life is not easy and unless you find yourself a way how to avoid situations where you are exposed it may become hard to cope.

Once you achieve about 6 inches (which is sort of an average) you can breathe easily.
Keep us posted, please.

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