Small penis

A girl at school who used to be friends with my ex told me recently that my ex told her I had a small dick and she wanted to know if it was true.

I said I didn't know if it was small, because I'd never measured it. She said "okay, come on then, do it now" I thought it’s just a dick, nothing she wouldn't have seen on the internet before' and I got it out.

She stifled a laugh and said "okay I guess she was right, then again you might be a grower. Measure it soft first though." She handed me a ruler and when I measured it came to 1.5 inches soft.

She laughed when she saw the measurement on the ruler and said "wow, I didn't know they came that small, go on then, measure it hard" then I got hard and measured it at 2.8 inches. She laughed really hard and said "wow, I swear my 8 year old brother is bigger."

She is right. It is very small but all depends on your age. You might look up at
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