Symptoms of Low Estrogen Levels

Symptoms of low estrogen levels are most dominant during stages of menopause. It is desirable to preserve normal levels of estrogen to remain sexually active and to enjoy healthy lifestyle in general.

Estrogen (with a help of oxytocin) causes a woman to be not only receptive but also seductive at the same time. ‘Lordosis’; a word used mostly in ‘animal kingdom’ is highly appropriate. Other suitable term would be ‘a woman in heat’. It makes them attractive and irresistible to men.

She virtually sends out signals she is available.

Estrogen levels increase with obesity, liver damage, frequent sexual intercourse and soy produce.

Estrogen is not only a signal saying ‘Take me now’. It makes a woman what she is. Be it the shapes of her breasts and feminine curves to toning and moisturising their vaginas. It gives a woman also better scent and improves her skin tone.

Woman’s ovaries produce estrogen. This is due to having two X chromosomes. (Estrogen is also produced by brain and fat cells).
It keeps a low profile until puberty when it increases making a woman to menstruate, grow breasts and continue to do with this cycle till menopause. Then symptoms of low estrogen levels show dramatically.

Estrogen not only reduces mood fluctuation but improves it at the same time. This helps to increase all performance factors.
It prevents heart diseases, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia and it also act as an antidepressant.

It is used to treat menopause and as a contraceptive.

Estrogen increases sexuality. Women with higher estrogen levels are perceived as more attractive. Men admit having intercourse with them even if sex was the last thing on men’s mind.

Desire to have sexual intercourse (receptivity) is driven by estrogen. Orgasm as it might be surprising to most of us; becomes a ‘by product’ of this desire. She wants to be snuggled, she needs intimate touch... she needs to be penetrated.

To be orgasm driven testosterone comes into play. It supports aggressive drive towards it. But at the same time it drives to masturbation even if partner is available.

With a mix of estrogen and oxytocin she will become a human magnet for men. As much it all seems passive in reality she is actively attracting and seeking a man. With one simple intention, and that is sexual intercourse.

Oxytocin level increase in females with excitement – little snuggling or a touch will do. Here comes the importance of pheromones. A smell of male (his pheromones) activates release of oxytocin in females.

Some women (men) are loaded with pheromones. These can be enhanced by laboratory produced pheromones in case our own production is at the lower end. This is also one of the reasons we need to watch out how often we take showers and what deodorants we use. We might keep too clean to have any bodily odour so important in courtship.

It would be very difficult for a man to say ‘no’ in a situation when a woman is seducing him and she makes her readily available – she wants to be taken.
Men don’t feel threatened as they are considered to be a stronger gender, they won’t complain about ‘being raped’. And they won’t even comprehend they’ve been actually raped – seduced into sexual act, against their original intention or will.

I can’t think of a man who would complain! Can you? Just this could be one of the very good reasons to avoid having symptoms of low estrogen levels.

All of the above sounds perfect to most men. But alas! Vasopressin is a hormone which stops sex at its tracks! It makes a woman think more rationally and clear.

Thinking too much equals too much logic. That translates into no sex. Woman will say no. And that is the hard part for us men to comprehend. She was into it and suddenly it’s all gone.

Without going into complex ratios of hormones, estrogen is good for women. It makes them feminine and sexy, attractive, receptive. Gives them scent, improves tone to their skin and vagina, lubrication, better mood and performance – works as an antidepressant.

It provides protection against various diseases such as schizophrenia, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and heart disease.
Any of the above is more than a good reason to prevent having symptoms of low estrogen levels. In case of women it is used to treat menopause and as a contraceptive.

To increase the level of estrogen; consume lots of soy products. Regular sexual activity is most beneficial.


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