Teen Girl

by Angela
(outside Gympy)

My family recently moved house further out of town, and I have become friends with this other girl, she is xx years old. Until about one month ago we used to play a lot together, but then one afternoon while we were playing together, we were rolling around on the grass together, and she moved her hand up my leg, my dress was right up my legs.

At first I didn't think too much about it until I felt her moving her fingers up under the leg of my knickers.
I pushed her hand away I thought that she was playing around, but then she said to me to come on and let her, and for me to let her finger me, and she moved her hand back up to my knickers again.
I again pushed her hand away and I said to her to stop that, she said that I was no fun to play with.

She tried it again about two weeks ago, this time her hand was inside my knickers before I pushed her hand away, she wasn’t happy with me, there is not many girls my age living close to me, what should I do? I don't want to lose her as a friend, should I let her finger me or not?

Tibor’s reply:

Hi. I understand your situation. You don’t want to lose your friend. It is important to avoid sites like these as there is plenty of adult content. However, you are in a need of advice and you can’t be ignored. I hope you are getting sufficient education at school on this subject.

You have to wait till you reach the legal age which allows you to make your own decision. This (legal age) is different from country to country and also it is different across the states.
As I have no knowledge where are you from I assume you know what is the legal age of consent in your country. It may be different if you are both of the same gender so it is important to check this out.

By refusing your friend touching you it doesn’t mean you will lose her friendship. You need clearly to explain to her that you are both under age and this is not the right thing to do.
Ask her to wait till both of you reach legal age of consent with these sorts of activities, and then you make a decision as you feel.

You need to tell her if she doesn’t stop you have to tell your parents. Tell her not to be upset, explain you want her friendship.
Hopefully she will understand how serious it is. You have to assure her you want to stay friends – it means only friends.

Also, avoid situations where you can come in direct contact with her, such as rolling in a grass.
I tried avoiding preaching and at the same time not to offend your feelings.
Hopefully things work out for you. Wish you best.

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