The difference between Small and Big

by Jason

I agree with information you wrote.

My story briefly.

I used to have ‘small size’. Sex with girls was fast. I did not feel confident at all. Most of the time they never came back for more...
It was a sad feeling. I simply felt helpless about it.

I envied all those guys with big penises. Why are we so different?

Years ago, while browsing on internet I came across one of the Penis Exercise (enlargement) sites.
I was bombarded with spam for ages and I never actually paid any attention to it.

This time I visited the site. In order to fully satisfy my curiosity I signed up (cost some $ 40 – I don’t remember).
I had nothing to lose. I wished for bigger penis for too long.
Anyway, I kept working with enthusiasm for just over a year. I gained almost exactly 2 inches in length. It was unbelievable.

The reason I write about this is very different. I want to share the feeling. Sort of before and after.
I remember times while having sex I felt so aroused and horny. But ‘I was lost’ inside vagina. Even in the tightest one.

After many months into my exercises I had sex with a girl. First time in my life I noticed her eyes virtually ‘Popping out’ when I inserted penis inside her.

Don’t take me wrong but my confidence and self-esteem grew in those few seconds from nothing to an absolute happiness. It changed my life.

The size is very important. I had experienced both of the worlds. Believe me; there is nothing worse than wanting a great chick just to worry to get her in bed to see that disappointment on her face.
How different it is to hear: ‘wow!’

Just my 5 cents

Tibor’s Reply: Thanks, Jason. Very interesting story. (Sorry, I had to edit your D... words.)
We would love to hear more stories on subject.

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