totaly blew my mind and my girlfriend can't get enough of me now!!!

by jeff
(mansfield, ohio usa)

me before...

me before...

me before...
after the 1st month
Much bigger after just 3 months
5 months of hard work pays off!!!

I was always just average and my GF was happy enough with our sex life.. we saw this ad and jokingly talked about trying it out. Neither of us expected it to do anything. After the 1st month we were both shocked to see the results so soon.

After 5 months I had grown to 9 inches!!! My Girlfriend made me stop taking it there cause she could barely handle all of me inside her...we've been making love 8 to 10 times a day and more on the weekends.

By Far the Greatest Sex of Both of Our Lives and I owe it all to you. It was a lot of work, but DEFINATELY WORTH IT!!!!!!

Reply (Note):

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To my opinion it is not possible to grow penis that much in five months.
However, this may happen under one condition and that is if there is a natural growth such as during puberty. So it might be a coincidence in timing.

I must add: Lucky you!

I know penis enlargement works and well. What I am saying is – not that fast, that is for sure. Induced growth like that (which I recon is not possible anyway) would create tremendous amount of problems.

E.g. nerves would have no time to rebuild and that would create an inability to achieve an erection.
Your comments and experience are appreciated.

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