True Romance

True Romance and love is the key to your relationship. Ignorance can kill the best love of all.

In a contrary to a popular belief men are the ones to romance women – there is more news to it!


Even the greatest love requires some fantasy to keep the passion flowing.

For anyone wishing for true romance and love:

Here comes the important point. Even if the man is the greatest romantic of all, it takes always two people to create happiness.

It is of up most importance (I repeat – up most importance) the woman shows gratitude for any act of kindness.

And that the woman will do romantic things in return for her loved one as well.

It doesn’t sound like from a text book. Actually it might doesn’t sound good to many.

However, even the most loving man will get eventually tired of romancing if he is not able to see (feel) some results. Be it the most beautiful princess of the universe. Unless she is prepared to show some appreciation and some act of romantics’ in return – it will slow down. And eventually die off.

Relationship requires constant fire. There is no fire without a spark.

Here are some chemical ingredients to ignite it:

    • Be Romantic -Full of surprises. Don’t just wait for anniversaries and birthdays

    • Communicate well (Show gratitude and show verbal appreciation. Don’t assume – ever - he or she ‘just knows’! It is better to say it ten times than never! Say those nice words!)

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    Take it all to the next level – improve.

        • Exercise

        • Dress Nice

        • Look After Your Appearance

        • Be Sexy

        • Be Kind

        • Treat Your Partner Like a Queen (King) – this is also true among friends and public

        • Keep Updated (read articles on relationship, sex, etc.)

        • Be Open Minded

        • Listen to Your Partner. Watch out for signals. Small ‘things’ might be more important that you think.

    Are you are in love? Then your partner is worth it. Are you just planning to have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Then improve your chances to get the best.

    Remember, please, one important rule in any relationship. More you give – more you get in return. If this is not the case – discuss it. Doesn’t help?

    - Find a partner who listens. One who is compatible.

    I wish you to find true romance and live in a happy relationship.

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