Ultimate Sex Machine

How to become an ultimate sex machine?

The basics comes from a very simple formulae. Once we recognize this fact we are on the right track. It takes always two people to get matched properly. Nobody is same and we cannot expect to have same sex at all times. So to become an ultimate sex machine needs a bit of dedication.

That is to say; nothing is ever same. Orgasm does not feel always great. It is not sunny all summer long.

Weather patterns change. People grow different height, they look and act different.

And it all has irregular patterns.

But not to despair.

What is most important for great sex to become an ultimate sex machine?

  1. To have a compatible partner (in all aspects)

        1.  (Same #) To have good erections

        2. Have a reasonable penis size (about 6-8 inches, informative figure only)

           3. To have good stamina (staying power)

           4. Look good (clean and also exercise if possible)

           5. Smell great (pheromones and cologne)

           6. Good character (Relationship attribute but worthwhile working on it)

 And now to more detailed description of ultimate sex machine...


To have a compatible partner

I will touch only on this subject. If you can have a great sexual intercourse with one woman it does not mean you will have it with every one and you are the greatest lover.

Each partner you have to learn. New ways of love making. Different depth of vagina. Perhaps you were fantastic with the first one but this one may have deeper/shorter vagina.

It may be too tight or too lose.


We cannot always expect to have it our way.

Maybe we have to look at penis enlargement. If she is too small, then she has to look at options to get loser. In extreme cases you either part or you will have a miserable sex till the rest of your lives.

That is the reality.

To have good erections

Now this is most of the time not a problem in your younger years. ED (erection dysfunction) usually can start after thirties, normally around forties. Some have it less while some have a bigger problem.

Though Viagra will help in most cases there are some who have to see a doctor and try various treatments. Because the causes may be so many even the doctor with all laboratory tests available cannot find the reason and sometimes the solution to it.

It can be that complex. So it is not a good idea to ask online where no facilities are available to test your system.

To have good erections the best is to use Viagra. The rest will work, some of them for a longer period of time. But as I said - Viagra is the most reliable medication for an erection problem.

The problem with it is it will not increase the desire (libido).

If you are into experiments, Dostinex (Cabergoline) is very good, however, it is a prescription medicine only (quite expensive).

I found it the cheapest in Australia. You have to ask for a 'Private Prescription' as this is a medication for Parkinson's and restless leg syndrome. It has side effects and you are responsible to take this in an account when talking to your doctor.


One of the side effects is unwanted erections. You should use very low doses every second (third) day. That is about 1/8 of the 4mg tablet. You can cut it with scissors. That is the cheapest option.

And you are the one with your doctor who should decide what is more important to you, sex or other possible side effects.

Dostinex will increase the power of ejaculation and make sex similar when you were in your twenties.

I have mentioned this to let you know there is always a way. 



To have a reasonable penis size

This is a funny one. The most discussed and contraversional subject. But if we want to be an ultimate sex machine this is a must. Though for good sex penis hardness is important and there are articles 4 inches would do, let's face the reality.

If penis size is matched with vagina (approximately) the pleasure of an intercourse is multiplied enormously.  Too big and too small are not good.

So what size should I have?

Well, as I said it depends on your partner (read again about compatible partner). But it is usually more than average 6 inches.

And girth is very important.

About 6.5 - 8 inches in length and about 5-6 inches in girth should make for good sex.


Now why is that?

Have you ever heard about vaginal orgasm? Some do not believe in it. But bet your life on it.

There is nothing better as a feeling of contracting vagina in intervals around your penis.

And you have to be equipped for that.

Yes, you can enlarge your penis. 

There are several ways to achieve that. As long you come to terms with it that is not going to happen overnight. It is a hard and dedicated work. You have to be absolutely determined and you cannot back off unless you want to lose your hard earned gains.


Then it is permanent. If you want to listen to those who say it is not possible then, please, close

this page, there is nothing here for you.


The best is the natural penis enlargement.

For those who have a problem with erection (during jelqing) I recommend to use a vacuum pump.

The next choice would be a penis stretcher (traction device).

It is up to you how you want to coordinate your exercises. The absolutely most important thing is - DO IT SLOW! Do not try to speed up the process. You will achieve the exact opposite.

With pump, keep pressure down, take regular breaks.

This article is not for the purpose of training. I will give you information and it is up to yourself what you do with it and how you use it.

The message is; you can easily add about 2 inches in lengths and also girth. But it might will take a year or two!

That is if you do not want to get damaged penis.

It also helps to straighten the penis. It is not a simple business to become an ultimate sex machine. It takes up a lots of work.


Good Stamina

Again, more healthy is your lifestyle, more you exercise, better. Diet low in carbs (sugars) is important. 

For good staying power and control I strongly recommend Kegel exercises. These are great for women as well.


Look good

This is not to say you must be a model. Any partner will love you more if you keep clean. Toned body is always a plus. You will not get it unless you do some exercise.

Remember; to lose weight the best is to control diet (low sugars).

To keep toned (muscles) - exercise.


Smell Great 

Women are sensitive to smell. This is just one of the many senses we have. How would you like if you had a beautiful stinky dirty woman in your bed? So get the idea. It is a complicated matter to be an ultimate sex machine, isn't it? 

And women's smell is better than ours. Pheromones (these are sexual attractants) play a strong role in selection of partners. Some persons have more sexual scent than the others.

It can be improved by regular exercise especially of Qi Gong. I doubt most of you would go into that extent.

You can purchase artificially produced pheromones and you need to experiment with your best blend.

It doesn't matter only for you. It must attract a female. And do you still remember we all are so different?

This means while you may attract the female of your dreams you may repulse another twenty of them with the same mixture of pheromones or cologne.


Cologne is very important as well. Never overdo it especially with cheap deodorants which smell like a chemical extermination meant for bugs.

This was one of the last attributes to become an ultimate sex machine.


Good character

This you and your partner will appreciate once you are in a relationship.

There is nothing I could add to it. A completely personal thing for each person. 

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