Vagina Size

Vagina size and health have the same importance in sex as the penis size.

When it comes to sexual compatibility both male and female organs play an important role. We can assume the tighter the connection – better the feeling.

Some argue the size is not important. The others say exactly the opposite. As does the taste of chocolate matter. As does the smell of flowers matter. So does the size of the penis. And so does the size of vagina.

This article is not about character attributes. Not about how someone is nice, intelligent, sweet or romantic. It discusses only the ‘size’.

If we forget about everything else for a moment we need to admit the size matters. It may be too big, too small... but it does matter.

Vagina can be stretched. Everyone believes it. There is no problem explaining this part. However, not many believe penis can be enlarged. It may create a problem to explain this one!

There are many descriptions and advices available how to strengthen vaginal muscles. Except pelvic exercises there are not many ways how to tighten the vagina.

The following is one of the ‘more exotic’ solutions:

You will need some Sirih leaves. What are they and what they do?

Leaves are available in dried form from Indonesia (opens new window)

In addition to tightening vagina they have strong healing and disinfectant properties. The leaves are boiled in water. It is necessary to ‘sit’ in the extract for approximately 30 minutes. And what will happen? – You might tell us about your experience.

The traditional way to keep vagina tight is to keep pelvic muscles in good condition. This is done by regular exercise.

The following videos in How to do Kegel Exercises will explain it in great detail. The actual exercises are described in the second half of the video part 2.

Play the Video


To enhance sexual experience we can:

    • Tighten Vagina

    • Tone up Vaginal Muscles

    Enlarge Penis (opens new window) (It Includes Pelvic Exercises and more)

Before I continue to the next step – we need to realize what is important to us. It is difficult enough to find a good companion as it is (ohhh!) If we add ‘ideal compatibility’ of the size of the penis and vagina to our criteria – we might never find one.

But the great part is – it is possible to make changes even if it comes to size of the penis. No need to stay unhappy. I would never in my life ‘exploit’ feelings of other person who’s having a problem. That would be very shallow thing to do.

I’m not here to sell you on size. The idea is to show you more possibilities available to all of us.

However, I cannot do the work for anyone out there. Because you can’t just log on sites and buy a penis of your imagination. It needs your man to do the work.

I included this here because many of us men avoid this subject. As a woman you can do miracles. If a man loves you he will do anything for you. Just keep on mind – you do anything for him as well. Remember the ‘two way street’ to happiness?

How would you like to know how other women and men truly think about the subject of penis and vagina size including their shape and ideal size?

It would be very difficult (near to impossible) to get so straight opinions in real life about penis and vagina size as on the following site.

Please, stay open-minded if you decide to enter it. This is the place to find the asnwers.

I deliberately do not want to influence your judgement. It is great to read what others feel and have to say. Though it might look as a war zone...

The site I have on mind is Penis Size Debate (opens new window) We tend to talk frequently about the penis size. Vagina size is of equal importance.

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