We had great sex. But that awful smell!

by Peter
(Central Europe)

I read that story on your site about a woman having sex in snow. This is my version of fun:

My g/f was awesome. Not just an everyday beauty. She was simply breath taking. We were going out for a while but I loved every minute spent with her (having erotic times on mind, if you know what I mean).

To my story:
It was dark – late night. We were near the river. Not a living soul around. I spread my jacket
on the ground and we made love under the stars.

As we were walking hand in hand towards home an awful smell was ever more present.
At the beginning we thought... then, perhaps they had fertilized the nature strips.
But it just didn’t go away. We kissed good night and I continued on my way home.

Once in my room I undressed. Did you try to guess? Outside of my jacket was covered in fresh cow ....
I don’t want to spoil the story with the description of it. And how I went around cleaning.

The following day I told my girlfriend. I’m lucky she didn’t die laughing. I would have missed her a lot.
It was a few years back. We are no more together. Now I wrote this I miss her! I had remembered those great times.

Tibor's reply: Just getting better and better.

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