What's going on??

by Nick
(Ohio, USA)

I'm 15, and I was with my girlfriend and we were about to have sex, and I usually don't wear a condom, but I decided on one because I wanted to try the "For Her Pleasure" ones.

So I had an erection and all, and I grabbed the condom and went to put it on, but I completely went soft and lost it. I tried kissing her and all again, but I just couldn't get it back, so I just went and through the condom out, because I already unrolled it before I went soft, and after I threw it out, we starting kissing again, and I got it back like in a second.

I don't know if I'm just "afraid" of condoms or something, because I never have this problem, and even a few minutes before, while we were doing some foreplay, I started thinking about putting on the condom, and I went soft, then if I stopped thinking about it, I got it right back. Is it just something with condoms?

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