White Tea Weight Loss

White tea

White tea weight loss compared to green tea is even better.


Losing weight can be as simple as having 3 – 5 cups of white tea daily. There are new promising studies on effects of white tea on fat cells. White tea not only prevents forming of new fat cells; it also contributes to utilizing of existing fat cells by increased metabolism. This is great news for weight loss.

Due to its qualities and price in ancient China it was considered tea of emperors. Nowadays it is available to wide range of consumers.


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For decades it is known white tea is even better then green or black tea.

It is interesting it also has beneficial effect on kidneys and it s ability to decrease body temperature.
In cosmetic industry is white tea used for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties and in preparation of products to achieve younger looking skin.


White tea does not undergo fermentation (similar as green tea). Leaves and buds are collected before they unfold. This limits its harvest to few days in a year.
The name ‘white’ is derived from soft silvery-white hair on the leaves. It has the lowest content of caffeine of all teas. It is cultivated in shade to prevent formation of chlorophyll.


The preparation is very similar to that of green tea. 80 degrees is ideal with 3-5 minutes steeping time. It is possible to have three good brews from white tea.
There are many different grades of white tea. Brewing time should be adjusted accordingly to your own taste.


White tea contains higher levels of catechin than green tea. In caffeine content both are very similar.
White tea also contains more theobromine and gallic acid and more of the theanine.

Theanine, an amino acid, has mood enhancing and relaxing properties. It also has less fluoride content since young leaves are used.
White tea has better antibacterial qualities compared to green tea.

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