Why Are Men Obsessed with Penis Size

Let’s examine the importance of one of the frequently asked questions: Why are men obsessed with penis size?

If men are inadequate 'down under', the first signs of small penis size usually come from those you would expect it from the least - your friends.
When you hit puberty friends are the ones who will most likely see you undressed?

It is very unlikely a twelve - fifteen years old boy would have a girlfriend. Even if he undresses consciously or by an accident in front of a girl, she would not know the difference.

Some boys are more or less developed at this age. If your penis is noticeable smaller from those around you they will most likely let you know.

This is only one of the answers to a question why are men obsessed with penis size.

Before this moment you were a happy boy. Now it had suddenly all changed. Penis size was the last thing you had on your mind. From now on you become aware of the fact that yours is smaller and you will start avoiding to repeat the same scenario all over again. You simply won't undress in front of male friends to avoid embarrassment.

In an addition you will start to be aware of the size of your penis, notice and compare the progress - how big is your penis for your age, how long will it still continue to grow... It will preoccupy your mind and it will create new fears.

Do you still ask why are men obsessed with penis size?

What will happen later when your dating times will approach? Will you be sure of yourself? Isn't there enough stress to have that first date already? And now an additional problem had stepped into your life. What will happen once you get those intimate moments with your girlfriend?

How will she react? You have a small penis? Because you will still desire to have a girlfriend and because you are sexually driven by testosterone, you will take the risk - you will choose to go for a date.

But the size of the penis will be on your mind at all times. You have no idea your girlfriend has no or she has very little experience. She can't tell if yours is small, big or huge.

Just one of more reasons why men are obsessed with penis size.

Some men will try to avoid sexual encounter providing all sorts of excuses.
The truth is that most men are sex driven. It is most unlikely any male would try to postpone this moment.
The opposite is true. They try to get sex (sexual intercourse) as soon as possible.

There is even a joke about this: When born, men are desperately trying to get out of the vagina just to try to get inside her for the rest of their lives...

If she makes a remark about you being small this will be most likely your last encounter with a woman for many years to come.

And if you will have encounters you will be too anxious about your performance in order to compensate for size deficiency.

You will be less confident; or; no confident at all. Women pick on this easily. Confidence is of most importance to them.

Do we still need more answers why are men obsessed with penis size?

And what will happen in situations when men are showering together? Changing in lockers?

Just these few facts provide for sufficient reason to understand why are men obsessed with penis size.

This is only a small part of it all.

Later with experience we find out women have a great knowledge about sex and penis size somehow becomes an important issue.

Sure, you read size is not important. Size does not matter.

It is someone talking who has little or no experience, someone thinking sex is not important (very few of these), some females don't want to look 'bad'.

We emphasize character and various other features are more important. While this is true, size will still make a difference.

Why is the penis size a popular subject among women? If we leave out things like having fun and have some entertainment, they in fact long to have a man with penis on the larger end. It is considered a bonus.

Because vagina is elastic (some misinterpret this they will both accommodate a small penis and large penis and form a tight grip); this is only in a dream. And only for a short time and few strokes inside her.

With vaginal lubrication a small penis will be inadequate, providing very little friction.
That equals less pleasure.

To make everything worse, this will be a case with a normal (average) size penis in most of the cases.
Though you will feel confident in certain extent (no one will ridicule you because you look like everyone else around you); you will still feel there is more friction desirable.

Women will accept this fact and they will live with it in most cases.
They will tolerate even partners with small penis and they will be just grateful to have a good partner.

So why are men obsessed with penis size? Aren't these enough reasons?

This is not always the case. Women who are pretty and have experience will be seeking to have it all.
Great character with reasonably sized penis. They have more chances to choose.

So why would any man wanted to have larger penis if the size was irrelevant?

Let's forget for a moment how he can use his penis or how great person he is. This is a subject about size not about how romantic a man is.

So why are men obsessed with penis size? Is there a need for it?

    • They want to be comfortable to change in locker rooms and taking showers without being ridiculed (Large is better because they will be admired instead.

    • Men want to have a good girlfriend - he will be more comfortable to target any kind of women, just having a wider selection.

    • Everyone wants to make his partner happy. Men want to give their loved ones maximum pleasure.

    • They want to be sure sex was simply perfect. This will reflect in self-esteem and behaviour.

These are some of the major reasons why men are obsessed with penis size.

Please, we are not zooming on few individuals who have an unacceptable behaviour. There are always exceptions. If someone has a behavioural issue it does not necessarily mean all men with large penises must be the same.

To complicate matters more, vaginas comes in different sizes as well. And worse, average sized vagina can easily accommodate larger size penis.

Need more reasons why are men obsessed with penis size?

Again, it is not often the penis would hurt a woman. This normally may happen above 8 inches (20 cm) plus. Thickness is very important. While 5 inches (12.5cm) girth is considered an average and it provides for reasonable friction, most women prefer thicker penises if available.

The above is just for a guidance. Each person is very different. Why are men obsessed with their penis size is clear.

They strive to be good. Better. To please a woman. They want to look better then others while feeling comfortable with their bodies.
Penis is a symbol of man. It always was and it always will be.

If for certain reason the size of the penis does not play an important part of your life, keep this information as a 'side dish'.
Some people watch soap operas - some people watch action movies. You are the one with a remote control...

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