Why Healthy Relationship Dating?

Why Healthy Relationship Dating? The site is called Healthy Relationship Dating for a reason. I include this explanation here as I have comments that some of the subjects are unrelated. However, everything here is for a reason.

The purpose is to provide information in order to and to live a Happy Life.

To have this ‘Happy Life’ we need few things:

    Health (Anything health related, keeping us in good shape).

    • Good Relationship (includes good relationship or to be able to date, romance).

    Dating (In case not in relationship, yet - ways of improving our chances finding the right partner, tips).

In an addition:

Security (Income -money) – to assists us in realizing many activities and it is an important part of our ‘earthly life’. I mentioned it in ‘Business Opportunities’. The ability to be independent, to have your freedom, you need an income while having time. This in turn will contribute to good relationship and family life.

Many of us have ideas but we don’t understand the internet (websites and the rest). And some of us don’t have any ideas and knowledge. In this section you will find a way how to do business online. Even in case you will not sell anything. Of course, you need to do work. Imagine making money while you sleep or you holiday. But it will not happen unless you are prepared to do some work in an advance.

Anniversaries. – I sort of ‘sneaked it in’ for the time being. In a relationship it is important to remember certain Anniversaries: Marriage, birthdays, women’s day, etc. Page is there to enable to send flowers, chocolates to loved ones regardless of distance. As an additional source of information it mentions other worldwide important days. Treat it, please as ‘side’ information which serves only as a reminder to visitor. (Like myself who tend to forget...)

I’m a typical person who forgets these unless it is in front of my eyes and a computer reminds me. If this page is too ‘intrusive’ (not belonging here), I will simply remove it.

That’s why we have a “Contact Form”, for you to comment and have your say. Please, do tell what you feel and wish.

The article 'Why Healthy Relationship Dating?' explains the need to cover quite a few subjects. We need your help (opinions, comments) to 'stear' the site in a direction which works the best for you.

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