Woman Knows When Man Is Excited

Woman knows and is instinctively able to sense an interest from men. Studies in Texas found, every woman without realizing it, is able to sense if the man is sexually aroused from his sweat!

Erotic Feeling

During an erotic excitation men's secretion contains very specific fluids which female's brain is able to analyse. Women in this way, without realizing it, sense interest from opposite sex.

Results of this study show humans communicate in a similar way as the animals do - with pheromones. Women were subjected to odour of cloth containing sweat of two groups of men. While one group was watching educational movies the other one was enjoying erotic ones.

By studying the response of these volunteers it was demonstrated the brain was able to recognize this difference. These subjects were not able to reason or differentiate between samples of sweat, though. Also it did not mean women got excited as well.

The study proves women's brain is able to distinguish when a man is excited in her presence. And what is next? The intention is to study how this sensation influences the behaviour of women and men.


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