Women in Forties Have Better Sex

Do really women in forties have better sex? According to survey most women respond they have the best sex between their forties and fifties.

What are the possible reasons of having better sex at this age? It is speculated experience as well as confidence play a very important role.
The sexual inhibitions are gone by now. Also changes in hormonal levels result in higher libido. In some cases it is a fact some women have sexual relationship outside their marriage.


It is observed that orgasmic ability of women increases and once in their forties they have better chance of achieving vaginal orgasm. Though women have, according to some sexologists, the highest appetite for sex in their thirties the ability to have better sex is achieved in their forties.

As children grow up and are usually adults by then, they have more time and fewer responsibilities. Women know by now what they want, what to expect and they are experienced in lovemaking. And they do not just know – they’ll go after it to get it. We cannot dismiss the importance of hormonal changes on libido as well.

It is known testosterone is one of the sexual driving forces especially in men. Women have this hormone since their puberty; however, estrogens are the main female hormones. With age, especially after forties, estrogens’ level is on a decrease while testosterone may slightly increases.

This change in hormonal ratio may result in increase in sex desire.

Though men enjoy sexual peak in their twenties, in their forties they are experienced lovers with more patience. They usually have no problems with premature ejaculation. Erectile dysfunction may occur at this stage, however it is not frequent.

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