Your Source on 'Menopause and Pheromones'?

by Sue

Your comments...: greetings!

My question is "what is the source of information of the article on 'menopause and pheromones'?

Tibor's reply:

Hi Sue,

Thanks for writing.

The answer is lifetime studies on many subjects and also personal experience.
As I mentioned in the article there were no scientific studies done.

It depends on the age of a person and the reason they are seeking answers to this question.

Have you had an experience that scent (smell) turned you on? Got you excited? That you were sexually attracted to that particular person?
Older we are, less of this scent (pheromones) our body produces. And it is less intense.

Women love to be 'tricked' into a similar situation with perfumes (cologne) which have a pleasant smell. However it is never the same as true pheromones. It just provides for nice smell which in turn pleases woman's sense of smell. It makes her relax and feel comfortable.

We can enhance pheromones by practicing Qi-Gong (spelled also Chi Kung) which is a separate subject (it involves channelling energy - practically doing very little during practice. It is very hard to do nothing - believe me). It takes many months to get results.

Your question is very wide. I don't know what you want to know. This is a 'general answer'. If you are still curious; your question needs to be more specific.
I need to know your reasons, age and what you have on mind. Only then I can discuss it in more detail.

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